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Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Linux Tablet Comparison

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I currently found 3 tablet computers running Linux (all have Bluetooth and WiFi, options are between parentheses):

First line reads: screen size, resolution, weight, autonomy, OS, price.


10.6", 1024x600, 800g, 3 – 5 hours, Ångström, 500 EUR

ARM FreeScale i.MX-37, 256 MB RAM, 4 GB Flash, Ethernet, (3G), SDHC reader, 1 USB host, 2MPx camera

Hacking: root access with ssh by default


11.6", 1366x768, 1000g, 6 hours, Meego, 450(570) EUR

Intel Atom N450, 1 GB RAM, 16(32) GB Flash, (3G+GPS), SDHC reader, 2 USB host, 1.3 MPx camera

Hacking: ?


10.1", 1024x600, 480g, 10 hours, Android+Ångström, 300(350) EUR

ARM Cortex A8, 256 MB RAM, 8(16) GB Flash, Micro SDHC reader, 1 USB host + 1 slave, 0.3 MPx camera

Hacking: replace Android with Ångström

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