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Wednesday, April 20th, 2022

Nerdle Solver

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There was Mastermind_(board_game) where you have to guess the correct colors in the correct order. Then came Wordle, where you have to guess the correct letters in the correct order to make an actual word. And then came Nerdle where you have to guess the correct arithmetic identity, using digits from 0 to 9, the four usual operations and the “equal” sign.

That was fun the couple of first times, but then came the itch to write a solver for it (like I did a long time ago with the Sudoku: same kind of repetitive puzzle, same geek reflex).

$ python3 nerdle.py
([c]orrect [i]ncorrect [a]bsent
8+7*6=50 > iiaaaiai
10+2-4=8 > cccacaci
10+1-8=3 > cccccccc

The user interface is trivial: the solver prompts a solution, type it in the Nerdle web interface, then type the colored hints back into the solver: green is “c” for Correct, purple is “i” for Incorrect and black is “a” for Absent (as indicated by the solver when you start it).

It always starts with the same first attempt, that is composed of 8 of the 15 possible symbols. Then based on the hints, it computes possible next solutions and ranks them based on the diversity of the symbols it contains and the amount of yet-unused ones (assuming that the actual solution contains as wide a variety of symbols as possible, and that unused symbols need to be tried).

One thing I liked when coding this little tool is that I got to use sets a lot, and implement a lot of the logic using set operations.

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