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Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Mirror Dance

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Mirror Dance is a novel by Lois McMaster Bujold published in 1994 which follows Brothers in Arms.

Mark, passing as Miles, commands the Dendarii to kidnapp all the clones bred by House Bharaputra on Jackson's Whole (where he was himself bred) and whose fate is to have their brain replaced by the brain of their progenitors, being effectively killed. The operation failes, and they lock themselves in one of the buildings of the complex. Miles, coming back from his holidays, learns about the operation and launches a rescue mission, which barely succeeds and where Miles is killed. He is put in cryo-stasis, but his container is lost during the escape (sent to an unknown destination by the medic who was taking care of him, and got killed just after that). Mark is sent to Barrayar to meet his biological parents at last and be trained to be the new Lord Vorkosigan, in case Miles' body is not recovered. After unfructuous attempts by ImpSec to find Miles, Mark decides to give it a try himself. With the help of his mother and Emperor Gregor, he gets access to ImpSec's files, and finally gets a lead to the Miles' probable location. Meanwhile, Miles has been revived on Jackson's Whole, in the Durona Group, a medical unit under the protection of House Fell and composed only of clones. Lilly Durona hopes to get Miles' help in order to escape from Jackson's Whole with all her sister-clones. Mark finally manages to find Miles, but they are assaulted by two different command groups and separated again. Mark, begin confused with Miles, is kidnapped by Baron Ryoval, who wants to get revenge for what Miles did to him, while Miles is prisoner of Baron Bharaputra who wants to sell him to the highest bidder. Mark is tortured by Ryoval for five days, but manages to eventually kill the Baron and escape. Miles is eventually sold to Ryoval, but arrives there after Mark has killed him and his staff have eliminated each other. Miles contacts ImpSec, and is then contacted by Mark. They all gather at Durona's, where Mark negotiates the freedom of the Durona Group with Baron Fell. In the end, Mark and Miles go back to Barrayar and start their lives with their newfound brothers.

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