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Saturday, August 22nd, 2015

Kedrigern Short Stories 1

Categories: [ Books/Kedrigern ]

ISBN: 9781892065766

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Spirits from the Vasty Deep

Extra-terrestrials land near Kedrigern's house while he rests from a complex summoning spell. Convinced the E.T. are the spirits he's been trying to summon, he refuses to believe their story of planetary conquest. Kedrigern eventually just makes them and their space ship vanish.

Hey, Ho, the Wind and the Rain

Kedrigern is asked to help a king whose kingdom suffers from drought. Upon arrival, he understands that the king cares only for his gardens and fountains and not for the land, which suffers from the king hoarding all the water for his garden. He however demands that Kedrigern provides twice the standard amount of rain in order to fill his reservoir and cisterns. Kedrigern complies, but summons a heavy rain over the badly built reservoir and light rain over the fields; the dam is soon broken, and the land can be properly irrigated again. He then helps the crooked Chamberlain to escape in exchange for the money he had embezzled during the construction of the dam.

The Quality of Murphy

A king asks Conhoon to change his daughter back, who has been transformed into a giant rat by a djinnee. Conhoon asks a pooka named Murphy to find the djinnee; Murphy is eager since the local spirits don't like interference of foreign spirits in local affairs. The djinnee refuses to at first to cooperate since upon being freed from his bottle, his feet remained trapped in it. Conhoon and Murphy convince the king to re-open the bottle to let the feet out. In exchange the djinnee accepts to lift the curse and stores it in the bottle, that Conhoon takes with him for later use.

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