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Sunday, October 5th, 2014


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ISBN: 9781843549178

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On a parallel-universe Earth named Arbre, thinkers are named avouts and live in concents, closed, monastery-like communities with a strict discipline, that open to the outside world only once every year, decade, century or millenium, depending on the group they belong to. The narrator, Erasmas, lives in such a community. When his mentor Orolo is thrown out of the concent with no explanation, he starts to investigate with the help of a few friends and eventually finds out that Orolo had discovered that a spacehip is orbiting around Arbre. Soon after, he, his friends and several other are told to leave the concent and go across the world to another concent. With the help of family and friends from the outside world, Erasmas decides to take a detour to try and find where Orolo has gone. After a long trip across the North pole (the shortest route) he finally finds Orolo on a tropical island, at a place that works like a concent without being one, where the people had been excavating for hundreds of years a burried temple. Soon after, a space capsule lands on the site, containing the corpse of a woman who obviously comes from the spaceship, and is identified from her body's chemistry that she doesn't belong to this universe. The digging site is soon after destroyed from orbit by the spaceship and, Orolo being dead, Erasmas decides to continue his journey to the concent where he was supposed to go. There avouts and ordinary people are brainstorming about the spaceship and what do to about it. Erasmas discovers that an alien from the spaceship is already among them, pretending to be an avout from a little-known concent. He explains that the spaceship has crossed parallel universes already four times and is inhabited by people from four parallel planets, one of them being Earth, divided into two opposed factions, one of which plans to raid Arbre for the resources necessary to reparing their spaceship, while the other is open to negociations. Erasmas, his friends and a small group of avouts specialized in martial arts are sent to be quickly trained as astronauts and soon after launched into space with a mission to disable the bomb that threatens Arbre. After entering the spaceship, Erasmas experiences multiple parallel possible outcomes of his story. In the last one, he wakes up in a hospital, then takes part in negociations between Arbre and the people of the spaceship. In the epilogue, avouts are not anymore restricted to live in concents, starting a new era in the history of Arbre.

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