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Friday, May 24th, 2024

Wonder Woman 1984

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As a child, Diana participates in a competition that she almost win by cheating, only to be stopped before the finish line by Antiope, who explains that anything worthwhile must be obtained honestly. In 1984, Diana works as the Smithonian Institution and befriends Barbara Minerva, a shy geologist and cryptozoologist with whom she tries to identify stolen antiquities by request of the FBI. They notice a Latin inscription on a large yellow crystal, claiming it can grant one wish. Barbara wishes she would be more like Diana and soon gets more self-confident, noticed by other people and develops super powers. Diana, yearning for Steve Trevor, discovers that her dead lover has resurrected in the body of random man; he seeks her and they are reunited. In the meanwhile, failed businessman Max Lord steals the crystal and wishes to become it. He thus can grant anyone else's wish and take something from them in return. This soon results in worldwide chaos, destruction, and instability. Diana and Barbara discover that the crystal was created by the God of Lies and grants exactly what is asked, but in a way that is always detrimental to the wisher, and has caused the downfall of many civilisations throughout History; the only alternative would be that all wishers renounce their wishes, but neither Barbara nor Diana are willing to do so. Max then visits the US President who wishes to have many more nuclear missiles than the USSR; in exchange Max gets access to a US satellite system that allows to broadcast to anyone in the world. Max thus plans to steal the wisher's life force to compensate for his body's decay due to granting wishes. Diana tries to stop Max, but Barbara sides with him and they escape together. Steve then convinces Diana to renounce her wish, which restores her full strength. She then flies to the island from which the broadcast system is controlled and again battles Barbara, who is turning into a humanoid cheetah. Having won, Diana confronts Max and uses her Lasso of Truth to communicate with the world through him, persuading everyone to renounce their wishes. Seeing a vision of his son searching desperately for his father, Max realizes his error, renounces his wish, cancelling most of the changes that occurred due to people's wishes.

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