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Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

Captain America: Civil War

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The Avengers always stop the villains, but always at the cost of massive damage, and particularly innocent civilians. The U.N. propose them to sign an agreement to be overseen by a U.N. committee. Some, as Iron Man, agree to it while others, as Captain America, want to remain independent and chose their fights. The signature ceremony is interrupted by a terrorist attack, and Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier is identified as the attacker. Captain America decides to go and prevent the authorities from killing his long-time friend, but they all got apprehended. Barnes is then interrogated by Zemo pretending to be a psychiatrist; Zemo reactivates Barnes' Winter Soldier powers and send him on rampage to cover his own escape. Captain America manages to capture Barnes, who reveals that Zemo wanted the location of the abandonned Hydra base where the four other Winter Soldiers are kept in cryostasis. Captain America wants to immediately chase Zemo, without waiting for the U.N. committee's approval. Led by Iron Man, some Avengers (including Ant-Man and Spiderman) try to stop the other led by Captain America, but fail to prevent them from going after Zemo. Discovering that Barnes was framed by Zemo, Iron Man flies to the Hydra base. There Zemo reveals that Barnes, under the control of Hydra, had killed Tony Stark's parents, leading Iron Man to attempt to kill Barnes, ending up fight Captain America who tries to protect his friend. Zemo is eventually apprehended by Iron Man, but not before Captain America has left the Avengers, leaving his shield behind. Zemo is satisfied, as his plan for avenging the death of his family in Sokovia caused by the Avengers fighting Ultron was to plant discord among them.

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