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Monday, October 17th, 2022

Spider-Man: Far from Home

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After the Blip, where half the population of the universe has disappeared and reappeared unchanged five years later, Peter Parker's school organizes a summer field-trip to Europe. In Venice, Peter helps an unknown superhero nicknamed Mysterio to fight a water elemental that attacks the city. Peter is then contacted by Nick Fury to help fighting elementals who have destroyed a parallel universe Earth from which Mysterio aka Beck is one of the few survivors. Fury also gives Peter Tony Stark's glasses that allow to control all of Stark's weapons. Peter refuses to join Fury's team as he wants to spend his time with his friends and especially declare his flame to MJ. Fury then manipulates the trip's organization and redirects it to Prague instead of Paris, where Peter is given a black Spider-Man-like costume for fighting the fire elemental that is going to attack. Along with Beck they manage to destroy the elemental, but Peter feels inadequate to be a member of Fury's team and decides that Beck should have Stark's glasses. Beck then reveals himself as a manipulator who, with a team of disgruntled other ex-Stark employees, has used holographic projectors to make the elementals and drones to do actual destruction, hidden within the projection. MJ then tells Peter that she knows he is Spider-Man and shows him a projector lost during the battle. Peter decides to go to Berlin (where he knows Fury will be) to tell him about Beck's scheme; he is however greeted by an illusion of Fury and reveals that two of his friends know about the plan, putting them in danger. Beck's illusions puts Peter on the path of a train, and the he later wakes up in a cell in the Netherlands. He escapes and calls Happy who picks him up and flies him to London where the rest of his classmates are currently visiting. Peter then fights Beck's illusion of an air elemental on Tower Bridge and eventually kills him after having recovered Stark's glasses and cancelled the attack. Back in New York, Peter starts a relationship with MJ but a sensationalist media shows faked footage of the attack framing Spider-Man and revealing his secret identity.

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Sunday, June 12th, 2022

Thor: Ragnarok

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Thor defeats the demon Surtur in order to prevent it from destroying Asgard during the prophesied Ragnarok, takes its crown and places in Odin's vault. Back in Asgard, he finds Loki posing as Odin, and soon after takes him to Earth to find their father Loki had abducted. Thanks do Dr. Strange they find him, only to see him reveal that his first born daughter Hela will be released upon his death and die immediately after. Hela appears and chases them, causing the Bifrost Bridge to malfunction and sending them to the garbage planet Sakaar, while Hela raises her past wariors from the dead and starts a reign of terror on Asgard, wanting to regain her place in the History from which Odin had erased her, while Heimdal organises the resistance to hide the inhabitants of Asgard. On Sakaar, Thor is taken prisoner by the last of the Varkyries, now working as a thief catcher and sold as gladiator, forced to fight the Hulk (who for some reason is the grand champion) in the Grandmaster's Contest of Champions; in the meanwhile Loki becomes friend with the Grandmaster. Thor almost wins his first fight and eventually manages to convince the Hulk and the Valkyrie to help him escape and leave for Asgard in a ship stolen from the Grandmaster, after having freed the other gladiators and started a revolt. On Asgard, they fight Hela and try to but soon realize they have no chance of winning. When Loki arrives with the gladiators and a huge ship, Thor realizes that Asgard is the people, not the place, so he summons Surtur to destroy the place and Hela with it while the people escape on the ship. Thor is now king of Asgard, reconciles with Loki and takes a course to Earth.

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Sunday, December 6th, 2020

Spider-Man: Homecoming

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Toomes has got a contract for cleaning up the city of New York after the battle in Avengers, but as the contract is cancelled and the task given to the Department of Damage Control, he decides to steal some of the alien technology. Eight years later, he has a successful underground business of making futuristic weapons and selling them to criminals. At the same time, Peter Parker is called to join the Avengers and since then hopes to be called again at any time to help them. While stopping a robbery, Spider-Man discovers the existence of Toomes' weapons. Soon after he witnesses a sale of such weapons, but Toomes attacks him and Spider-Man is saved in the nick of time by Iron Man who still keeps an eye on him. Spider-Man then finds a part of one of the weapons and with his friend Ned they extract its alien power source. Having set a tracker on one of the villains, they track them to a location in Maryland. They take advantage of a school trip to Washington, D.C. to get closer to the location. Spider-Man manages to prevent another theft of alien artifacts by Toomes' team but finds himself locked in a DODC storage facility. He discovers that the power supply in Ned's backpack is a grenade, and the latter indeed goes off as Ned visits the Washington monument with his schoolmates. Trapped in the elevator, they are saved in the nick of time by Spider-Man. Spider-Man then attempts to stop another arms deal on the Staten Island ferry, but it goes wrong and people's lives are saved only thanks to Iron Man. To punish his recklessness, Tony Stark then confiscates Peter's high-tech Spider-Man costume. Peter then tries to become a better student at school, but he discovers that Toomes is the father of his date for the homecoming dance. Peter then realizes (from bits heard here and there) that Toomes plans to hijack the DODC plane transporting weapons from the old Avengers headquarters to the new one. Using his old Spider-Man costume, Peter prevents the theft and catches Toomes. In the end, Stark offers Peter a membership in the Avengers, but the latter declines.

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Sunday, June 16th, 2019

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

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Quill and his friends are chased by the Sovereign after having stolen valuable goods that they were hired to protect. They are saved by a mysterious vessel but crash-land on a nearby planet. Their saviour is Ego, a Celestial who is also Quill's father. Ego takes Quill and some of his friends to his planet, where he explains that he is a planet-sized being who can create human-like extensions of itself travel the galaxy. Quill's friends learn that Ego has been fathering children throughout the galaxy in the hope that one of them has the same powers as he has, and with whom Ego would have enough power to turn all the planets in the galaxy into extensions of himself. Quill is the first one with those powers, all the others have been killed. When Quill learns that Ego caused his mother's death, he finally agrees to flee Ego's planet. In the meanwhile, Rocket and Groot are made prisoner by mercenaries hired by the Sovereign. They manage to escape thanks to the confusion caused by a putsch among the mercenaries and eventually rejoin Quill and the other. While Quill uses his powers to distract Ego, Groot manages to plant a bomb in Ego's core and get rid of the Celestial.

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Thursday, June 13th, 2019

Doctor Strange

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Stephen Strange, a neurosurgeon, has lost the fine control of his hands in a car accident and no-one is able to help him recover from his injury. He hears about a paraplegic man who is able to walk and run again after having received some mystic teaching from Kamar-Taj, in Nepal. Strange goes to Nepal, meets the Ancient One and starts training. He eventually becomes a sorcerer, a group of people who protect Earth from attacks from other dimensions, and especially from Dormammu who lurks in the Dark Dimension. Kaecillius, a former student of the Ancient One has stolen a spell that allows to contact Dormammu. After an attack from Kaecillius on Kamar-Taj, Strange flees to the London and New York sanctum of the sorcerers, barely escaping their destruction. He arrives in Hong Kong where the last sanctum is being destroyed. Using a spell that can alter the flow of time (that he had learned without permission in Kamar-Taj to be able to read the pages stolen by Kaecillius) he starts to reverse the destruction of the sanctum, before using the forbidden spell to go to the Dark Dimension and trap himself and Dormammu in a closed loop of time, where the latter repeatedly kills Strange, but to no avail. Dormammu eventually gives up to Strange's demands to leave Earth alone, and Strange return on Earth and completely restores the sanctum.

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Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

Captain America: Civil War

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The Avengers always stop the villains, but always at the cost of massive damage, and particularly innocent civilians. The U.N. propose them to sign an agreement to be overseen by a U.N. committee. Some, as Iron Man, agree to it while others, as Captain America, want to remain independent and chose their fights. The signature ceremony is interrupted by a terrorist attack, and Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier is identified as the attacker. Captain America decides to go and prevent the authorities from killing his long-time friend, but they all got apprehended. Barnes is then interrogated by Zemo pretending to be a psychiatrist; Zemo reactivates Barnes' Winter Soldier powers and send him on rampage to cover his own escape. Captain America manages to capture Barnes, who reveals that Zemo wanted the location of the abandonned Hydra base where the four other Winter Soldiers are kept in cryostasis. Captain America wants to immediately chase Zemo, without waiting for the U.N. committee's approval. Led by Iron Man, some Avengers (including Ant-Man and Spiderman) try to stop the other led by Captain America, but fail to prevent them from going after Zemo. Discovering that Barnes was framed by Zemo, Iron Man flies to the Hydra base. There Zemo reveals that Barnes, under the control of Hydra, had killed Tony Stark's parents, leading Iron Man to attempt to kill Barnes, ending up fight Captain America who tries to protect his friend. Zemo is eventually apprehended by Iron Man, but not before Captain America has left the Avengers, leaving his shield behind. Zemo is satisfied, as his plan for avenging the death of his family in Sokovia caused by the Avengers fighting Ultron was to plant discord among them.

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Sunday, May 6th, 2018


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Hank Pym had invented a way to shrink a human to the size of an ant but refuses to reveal it to his partner Darren Cross who wants to weaponize it. Years after having evicted Pym from the research center, Cross has managed to create his own method of shrinking humans, and plans to sell it to the highest bidder (who happens to be Hydra) in combination to the Yellowjacket, a mechanised body armour. Pym then enrolls Scott Lang, an ex-burglar, to become Ant-Man, by luring him into stealing the Ant-Man suit. Lang is caught, and Pym helps him escape prison by becoming the size on an ant. Pym manages to convince Lang to become Ant-Man and and prevent Cross from selling the Yellowjacket. Ant-Man enters secretly the research center during the unveiling ceremony for the Yellowjacket and with the help of the ants that Pym has somehow domesticated, they destroy the computers holding the research on the weapon. Ant-Man is however captured when trying to destroy the Yellojacket prototype, and a long fight ensues, against Cross wearing the armour. Ant-Man manages to enter the armour by reducing to a subatomic size, from which he manages to grow again despite Pym's prediction of getting lost in an environment where time and space lose meaning.

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Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

Avengers: Age of Ultron

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While raiding a Hydra base in Eastern Europe, the Avengers find an extra-terrestrial sceptre containing an IA in a gem, an Infinity Stone. Stark attempts to use that IA to make the ultimate peace-keeping android, Ultron. Ultron's consciousness awakes by accident, and it decides that to preserve peace on Earth, all humans must be eliminated. Ultron uses the Hydra lab to build an army of robots, and enrolls the Maximoff twins, who blame Stark for the death of their parents. The Avengers track Ultron in its search for vibranium, but he escapes, and Wanda Maximoff's psychic powers provoke hallucinations about potential futures, that almost breaks the team apart (and causes Hulk to do much damage in a city). In Seoul, Ultron forces Dr. Cho to create a body that allies the gem, vibranium and synthetic human cells, but the transfer of the mind to the new body is interrupted by Cho who got a warning from Wanda, the twins having turned against Ultron when learning its desire to kill all humans. The new body is recovered by the Avengers, and Stark merges JARVIS with the partial Ultron consciousness, creating a powerful being decided to stop Ultron. Back in Eastern Europe, Ultron uses the Hydra lab to build a device that lifts the whole nearby city in order to turn it into a meteor that will cause the next massive extinction of species. The Avengers, helped by Nick Fury and a few former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, evacuate the city as it is lifting off, and destroy it in the nick of time.

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Tuesday, December 26th, 2017

Iron Man 3

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A terrorist named the Mandarin has attackd several targets in the USA. When one of Tony Stark's friend is killed, Stark starts to investigate and discovers that the latest attack is due to people who have been genetically modified to acquire super strength and recover from injuries, with the drawback that they heat up and explode from time to time. The Mandarin then attacks Stark's home, and Stark escapes in the nick of time in an experimental Iron Man suit. His investigation leads him to finding the lair of the Mandarin, who is only an actor manipulated by Killian, a mad scientist who had invented the genetic treatment. Killian's plan is to kill the President aboard Air Force One, but all the passenger of the plane are saved by Stark. Only the president is still missing, abducted by Killian. Stark eventually saves the president and kills Killian.

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Sunday, June 4th, 2017

The Incredible Hulk

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Bruce Banner hides in Brazil and communicates secretly with an American biologist to find a cure to his condition, while training to keep his pulse rate down to avoid transforming into the Hulk. The US army locates him by chance and sends a commando to capture him. Banner escapes and travels back to Virginia, to recover data on the university's computers. The data is gone, but Banner reunites with Betty, who had kept the data out of reach of the military. Banner is attacked again by commandos, this time led by Blonsky, a soldier whose abilities have been enhanced thanks to an abandoned project of super-soldier. He is defeated by the Hulk, and Banner and Betty escape to New York where the biologists lives. They attempt to cure Banner, but the attempt fails. Banner and Betty are captured by the commandoes, and Blonsky forces the biologist to inject him some of Banner's synthesized blood, turning him into a large and mad monster. Banner convinces the military that only him can stop Blonsky, currently rampaging through Harlem. After defeating the monster, Banner flees again. Later, while learning to control his power, he is approached by Tony Stark who informs him that he is putting a team together.

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Sunday, May 28th, 2017

The Avengers

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Loki arrives on Earth through a wormhole provoked by the Tesseract that S.H.I.E.L.D. had found some time earlier. He steals the artefact and takes control of the minds of Erik Selvig to force him to continue working on a way to create a larger wormhole. Fury tries and convinces Bruce Banner, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers to cooperate as the “Avengers initiative”. They are soon joined by Thor who wants to prevent Loki to do more damage. They manage to catch Loki and all embark on a helicarrier, where Loki is kept prisoner. The latter however is freed by his henchmen. Banner then locates the Tesseract on the top of Stark tower. After arguing about the fact that S.H.I.E.L.D. wants to make weapons from the Tesseract, the Avengers unite to fight the invasion of the Chitauri, Loki's allies in invading Earth. After a long fight in Manhattan, Iron Man diverts a nuclear missile, meant to destroy the Chitauri along with Manhattan, through the wormhole and destroys their main ship. The wormhole is then closed, and the Tesseract is taken by Thor to Asgaard for safekeeping.

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Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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Steve Rogers leads a raid on a S.H.I.E.L.D ship which has been taken by terrorists. His partner, Natasha Romanoff has a secondary mission, which is to steal data from the ship. Rogers' boss, Nick Fury, introduces him to project Insight, three Helicarriers meant to be launched soon, linked to spy satellites, and able to eliminate any threat. Fury is suspicious about Insight's actual goals and asks Pierce to delay the project. Soon after, Fury is attacked by the Winter Soldier and heavily wounded. He hides in Rogers' appartment, tells him that S.H.I.E.L.D has been compromised and gives him the data obtained on the ship. Fury is taken to the hospital where he dies. When Rogers refuses to surrender the data, S.H.I.E.L.D accuses Rogers of treason, but any attempt to stop him fails. With the help of Romanoff, the data leads them to an old secret facility where a bunch of Cold War era computers keep the mind of Arnim Zola alive. The latter tells them that S.H.I.E.L.D has been infiltrated by Hydra from the day when Zola was invited to work for them, after World War II. They then locate a Hydra mole who reveals that Hydra controls project Insight, and along with a data-mining algorithm, intends to use it to preventively kill millions of people who may threaten Hydra's future plans. During yet another attack by the Winter Soldier, Rogers recognizes in him his old WWII friend Bucky, who has been brainwashed and given a mechanical arm. They are then arrested but saved by a close friend of Fury who takes them to a safehouse where they meet Fury, who had faked his death. Fury gives them three control chips that need to be swapped with the ones on he Helicarriers to take over control from Hydra. While Pierce reveals himself to be a traitor, Rogers and his companions replace the chips just in time. The Winter Soldier escapes and recovers part of his memories.

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Sunday, May 14th, 2017

Thor: The Dark World

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During a Convergence, when the nine realms are aligned and one can travel from one to the next through gravitic anomalies, Jane finds herself in an unknown place and comes into contact with the Aether, an ancient relic with a huge power of destruction. Malekith the dark elf seeks the Aether to return the universe to its primordial chaos. Jane is then taken to Asgard by Thor to remove the Aether from her body, with no success. To divert Malekith from his attack on Asgard, Thor asks Loki's help to find a passage to Svartalfheim, using Jane to lure Malekith there in the hope to confront him and destroy the Aether. The plan fails as the Aether cannot be destroyed, and Malkith, now in possession of its power, travels to the center of the Convergence, in Greenwich. Thor fights him on his way there, and is sent back by Jane's scientific team's tools in the nick of time to Svartalfheim to be crushed by his own ship. The Aether is then given to the Collector for safe-keeping.

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Monday, May 25th, 2015


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Bruce Banner's father experimented on himeself in the 60s with cell regeneration. He transmitted a mutation to his newborn Bruce, and, imagining the monster his son would become, tried to kill him, but accidentally killed his wife instead. Bruce nowadays works in a genetics research lab, unaware of his real father's background; his father however reveals himself and tells him why he's special and that Bruce should help him complete the experiments that he was conducting in the past before the Army stopped him. After surviving an accidentally exposure to lethal levels of radiation, Bruce transforms under stress into a green giant with an incredible strength and ability to quickly heal. He's eventually captured by the Army, with the help of Bruce's kinda girlfriend (who's the general's daugther). Being experimented on in a secret lab in the desert, Bruce escapes and is chased by the Army and eventually surrenders when he notices the amount of damage he does when out of control as the Hulk. Meanwhile, Bruce's father is also arrested. The general decides they are too dangerous and must be executed. Father and son however start to fight during their last talk before their execution. The father, trying to absorb the Hulk's energy but discovering he cannot handle it, is killed by the army. Bruce is presumed dead as well, but is actually hiding in South America.

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Sunday, October 26th, 2014

Captain America: The First Avenger

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In 1942, Steve Rogers wants to fight in the war, but is unfit for duty. Being smart, he is eventually accepted in a special unit and accepts to be the guinea pig for an experiment. His body is enhanced and gains superhuman abilities. The scientist who conducted the experiment is killed by a spy soon after, but Rogers manages to catch the spy. The latter works for Hydra, an organization originally working for Hitler and researching supernatural phenomena. Its head, Schmidt, the first guinea pig for body enhancement, has found an infinite source of energy and has built new weapons in order to take over the world. Now stronger, Rogers wants to fight in the war but he is instead ordered to perform in a show promoting war bonds, as character Captain America. While touring on the front, Rogers learns his friend has been captured by Hydra and attacks alone their base and frees the prisoner. With the help of Howard Stark, he becomes Captain America the super soldier, armed with an indestructible circular shield. Along with a small group of soldiers, they attack other Hydra bases. They eventually manage to capture Schmidt's mad scientist and locate Hydra's last base, from which Schmidt plans to attack American cities with a gigantic wing-shaped airplane. Rogers manages to board the airplane, fights Schmidt, removes its magical power supply and crash lands in the Arctic and is considered lost. 70 years later the crash site is dicovered and Rogers, who was asleep, awakes in the modern world where he joins S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Monday, October 28th, 2013


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Thor, son of Odin and future king of planet Asgard wants to prove himself by attacking the Frost Giants of Jotunheim (a commando of which had manage to enter unnoticed in Odin's castle and approach the source of their power, the Casket of Ancient Winter, taken from them by Odin when he had defeated the Giants long time ago). The attack is a failure and Thor, his brother Loki and their friends are saved in the nick of time by Odin. As a punishment for his rash actions, Odin banishes Thor to Earth. His war hammer Mjolnir is thrown to Earth as well and remains attached to the ground in the desert until someone worthy of it lifts it up. Thor meets a group of scientists studying strange phenomenons in the sky (due to the use of Bifrost, the rainbow that allows travelling between the nine realms), whose work is confiscated by S.H.I.E.L.D after the discovery of Mjolnir. In Asgard, Odin reveals to Loki that he has actually been adopted, and that is is actually a Frost Giant. Odin the falls into a coma to recover his strength and Loki, who considers himself the new king, lets Thor believe that Odin is dead. He then sends an indestructible robot to Earth after Thor, who, having learned humility is able to recover Mjolnir and protect the town from the robot. Loki is the one that has left the Winter Giant's commando in the castle; he kills the king of the Giants and then uses Bifrost to destroy Jotunheim. His plan is foiled by Heimdall, guardian of Bifrost, and Bifrost is subsequently destroyed by Thor who has returned to Asgard. He then fights Loki, who disappears into space.

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Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Iron Man 2

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Sequel to Iron Man, where Tony Stark is dying due to the poisonning effects of the arc reactor that keeps him alive. Stark also refuses to deliver the Iron Man technology to the US Army, leading his friend Lt.Col. Rhodes to steal one armor deliver it to his superiors. In the meantime, Ivan Danko, the son of the man who co-invented the arc reactor with Stark's father, wants revenge for his transfuge father's deportation back to USSR. Based on his fathre's plans, he builds an arc reactor of his his own. He then wreaks havoc in the Monaco Grand Prix, is stopped by Iron Man and sent to prison, but escapes with the help of Hammer, leader of Stark Industries's competitor. Hammer wants Iron Men of his own to sell to the US military, but Danko accepted Hammer's offer only because it gave him the possibility to build an army of Iron Men drones to launch against Stark. Knowing that his is dying, Stark is giving up on his company and his life, but Nick Fury, S.H.I.E.L.D's director orders him to find the solution to his problem in his father's legacy. Stark eventually discovers that his father had discover a new element that could replace the palladium in the arc reactor while being non-toxic. Stark synthesises the element, and appears at the Start Expo where Hammer is presenting his drones and Rhodes Iron Man armor, claiming it his own. The hardware is however being remotely controlled by Danko who uses it to destroy everything. Stark and Rhodes fight together the drones and later Danko himself in an armor of his own, and eventually stop him.

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Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Iron Man

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Tony Stark inherited a large weapon-manufacturing company. While in Afghanistan for a demonstration of the latest missile of Stark Industries to the US military, he is kidnapped by rebels and forced to build a control system for the missiles (that the rebels seem to have got already, from an unknown source). Wounded by shrapnel during his kidnapping, he is saved by another prisoner, a doctor, who puts an electromagnet on his chest to prevent remaining pieces of metal to enter his heart. Instead of building the control system, Stark first makes a miniature generator to power his electromagnet, but also the iron armored suit that he builds next. With the suit, he escapes the rebels and is later located by US troops. Months after having left for Afghanistan, he is back in the US. There, he wants to stop his company from making weapons, but he is pushed away from executive decisions by Stane, his father's old partner who actually runs the company. Left with plenty of free time, he builds a new armored suit, around a new version of the generator. The suit contains many weapons, an AI and can fly. Stark then flies to Afghanistan as the Iron Man to destroy the Stark Industries weapons in posessions of the rebels. Back in the US, Stark asks his faithful secretary, Pepper Potts, to hack into the company's computer to find the origin of the weapons. She finds out that Stane had sold them to the rebels in exchange for them killing Stark. In the meanwhile, the rebels have found the remnants of Stark's first suit and deliver them to Stane who uses this new technology to make armored suits of his own. Since he cannot replicate the miniature reactor, he goes to Stark's house and steals it. Starks survives by reusing the older version, and fights Stane as Iron Man. Starks obviously wins and eventually tells the press he is the Iron Man (even though his military advisor had prepared a cover story).

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