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Sunday, May 28th, 2017

The Avengers

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Loki arrives on Earth through a wormhole provoked by the Tesseract that S.H.I.E.L.D. had found some time earlier. He steals the artefact and takes control of the minds of Erik Selvig to force him to continue working on a way to create a larger wormhole. Fury tries and convinces Bruce Banner, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers to cooperate as the “Avengers initiative”. They are soon joined by Thor who wants to prevent Loki to do more damage. They manage to catch Loki and all embark on a helicarrier, where Loki is kept prisoner. The latter however is freed by his henchmen. Banner then locates the Tesseract on the top of Stark tower. After arguing about the fact that S.H.I.E.L.D. wants to make weapons from the Tesseract, the Avengers unite to fight the invasion of the Chitauri, Loki's allies in invading Earth. After a long fight in Manhattan, Iron Man diverts a nuclear missile, meant to destroy the Chitauri along with Manhattan, through the wormhole and destroys their main ship. The wormhole is then closed, and the Tesseract is taken by Thor to Asgaard for safekeeping.

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