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Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Raising Steam

Categories: [ Books/Discworld ]

ISBN: 9780552170529

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Dick Simnel invents the steam locomotive and manages to get into business with Harry King. The Patrician orders Moist von Lipwig to take a closer look at this phenomenon that gets all of Ankh-Morpork excited (even Drumknott). Meanwhile, extremist dwarfs are causing trouble in Uberwald, accusing King Rhys to stray from “true dwarfishness”. Moist helps King and Simenl building the first railroad to Sto Lat and to Quirm, allowing fresh goods to arrive still fresh to Ankh-Morpork. He discovers that goblins are very interested in the train (and even start building an underground railway near Quirm). While a conference between the kings of dwarfs and trolls takes place in Quirm, the Patrician orders Moist to build a railway to Bonk in Uberwald. The task is huge and the time is limited, but Moist eventually understands that with King Rhys away from Uberwald, the extremist dwarfs will try to take power. Rhys is then smuggled quietly out of Quirm and onto the train to Bonk. The journey is long and they are attacked several times by rebel dwarfs. When they finally arrive in Bonk, Rhys reasserts his right to the Scone of Stone and even announces that he is actually female.

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