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Monday, February 8th, 2021

The Woman who Died a Lot

Categories: [ Books/Thursday Next ]

ISBN: 9780340963135

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Still recovering from her wounds, Thursday is offered the job of director of the city library (with a huge budget and command over the Special Library Service commandos). For quite a while already, Goliath Corporation has tried to replace her with a synthetic version of herself in order to induce her family into revealing information about the Bookworld that the corporation wants desperately to invade. This time, the synthetic is near perfect and also operates a transfer of her mind, so she does not immediately notice that she is not in her own body anymore, but she learns that the bodies degrade quickly after 24 hours. Thursday soon discovers that the man responsible for the transfers is a former high-ranking Goliath employee who wants to help her prevent Jack Schitt from finding a way into the Bookworld's Dark Reading Matter (where the stories go when all copies of a book are destroyed). In the meanwhile Thursday's son Friday (who should have been the head of the Chronoguard had its creation not been cancelled by the failure to invent time travel) receives a letter telling what he could have been and also telling that he will murder someone by the end of the week and spend the rest of his life in jail, without a hint of why he would do that. In the meanwhile, the Creator who had previously unequivocally revealed its existence, has been smiting several places in England with a pillar of fire. As Swindon is due to get smitten by the end of the week, Thursday's genius daughter Tuesday is trying to develop a shield, but she's facing difficulties. Goliath comes to the rescue with a plan (invoiced 100 million pounds) where they gather twenty of the worst criminals to attract the smiting away from the city. Thursday attempts to bring a righteous man near the criminals to prevent their murder by Goliath through the Creator's actions, but it is her refusal to kill the man when learning that he is not righteous enough to have any effect that eventually redirects the pillar of fire towards Jack Schitt. And in the meanwhile, the probability that an asteroid will hit the Earth forty years later increases as people's belief in the inevitability of the event increases (due to some wacky probability theory). In the end, Friday discovers who he is supposed to kill: it's a man who is meant to kill people whose existence would reduce the probability of the asteroid hitting the Earth. Friday only wounds the man, does only a few years of jail, and foils Goliath's plan to colonize the Dark Reading Matter in order to sell rich people a place where to be safe from the asteroid catastrophe. Also, Thursday gets rid of her mindworm and kills Aornis who has secretly been living in her house for the past two years.

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