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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Right Ho, Jeeves

Categories: [ Books/Wodehouse ]

ISBN: 9780091745745

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Published in 1934.

Bertie is summoned to Brinkley Court by his Aunt Dahlia, who wants him to deliver a speech and give out end-of-year prizes to the pupils of the nearby Market Snodsbury Grammar School. Bertie is not enthousiasted at this prospect, but since his friend Gussie Fink-Nottle is desperately in love with Madeline Basset, a friend of Bertie's cousin Angela who happens to be staying at Brinkley Court, he sends Gussie there, presenting him to his aunt as the perfect man for the job. Bertie follows him shortly, only to find out that Angela had broken with her fiance Tuppy Glossop (who is also a friend of Bertie's). Various plots to reconcile the two lovebirds and help Gussie propose to Madeline fail miserably. Gussie, who never drank a drop of alcohol takes more than should have been reasonable in order to face the prize ceremony, eventually leading him to propose to Angela and getting Bertie engaged to Madeline against his will. Additionally, Anatole the French cook threatens to live, putting aunt Dahlia into a difficult situation with her husband. Given the catastrophic situation, Bertie finally accepts to try Jeeve's plan to ring the fire bell after midnight, in the hope that the right gentlemen would run to save the right ladies in distress. The plan utterly fails, and since someone closed the door shut while the keys were inside and all the servants out at a dance nine miles away, Bertie, being the only one still properly clothed, is sent out by force on a bicyle to go and fetch the backdoor key from the butler at the dance. The butler tells him that he doesn't have the key, since he gave it to Jeeves before leaving. After riding back, Jeeves explains that his actual plan was to focus eveybody's animosity onto one person, Bertie, so that they would forget their differences. The plot worked, Gussie and Madeline are finally engaged, Tuppy and Angela are reconciled and Anatole has accepted to withdraw his notice.

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