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Thursday, August 28th, 2008


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Omnicode is a replacement to the Geek Code. Here's mine:

---------------------- OmniCode 0.1.7 -----------------------
sxy cm184 kg85 skd39363 ha150c0d ey31190f eso.glasses sp= Ag1976.October anE
hdd Lo62,15N-25,45E.Finland.Jyväskylä GM+2DN rlO.omniquantist ZoB Crc(3)&e(2)
Edc(7) MvD RlM Kd1x MBISTJ.I22;S38;T38;J100 FH! UFErwin IN10 HbBoardgaming&TV
AdI&O.Chocolate;Tea PrC(7)&C++(5)&Pascal(4)&Perl(7)&Python(6)&Bash(7)&Java(5)
LAFR(9)&EN(7)&FI(5)&DE(5) PlM&G
----------- Omnicode http://www.gadgeteer.net/omnicode/ -----------

Writing all this about me is probably worse than creating a FaceBook account. On the other hand, given the shape of the data, I doubt many people are willing to spend time decoding it. Oups :)

At the same time, I discovered the Myers-Briggs personality test, and a description of my type, ISTJ. According to Careers for ISTJ Personality Types, I'd make a good computer programmer. I'd also make a good business executive, administrator, manager, accountant, laywer, dentist or military leader (urgh).

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