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Monday, June 24th, 2024

Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

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Four years after defeating Enchantress, Joker breaks up with Harley Quinn. Without his protection, all the people she has wronged in the past want to kill her. At a night club owned by crime lord Roman Sionis, Harley meets Dinah, a singer who becomes Sionis' driver, the latter being impressed by her fighting skills when preventing a drunk Harley from being kidnapped. Sionis is also investigated by Gotham City PD Detective Renee Montoya, who also investigates a series of mob killing carried out by a crossbow-wielding vigilante. Sionis sends his sadistic henchman Szasz and Dinah to retrieve a diamond containing the account numbers to the fortune of the Bertinelli crime family, who were massacred years ago, but Cassandra Cain, a child pickpocket steals the diamond and swallows it as she is soon after arrested by the police. Harley is captured by Sionis' men and convinces him to release her under the promise she can retrieve the diamond from Cassandra. Harley breaks into GCPD, frees Cass and takes her to her apartment, but they have to flee when attacked by criminals, Sionis having also placed a bounty on Cass' head. Harley agrees to meet with Sionis in an abandoned amusment park to exchange Cass for his protection. Dinah, who had agreed to become an informant for Montoya, tells her about the meeting, but Szasz notices it and tells Sionis, who assembles an army of thugs to attack the meeting place. At the amusement park, Harley and Cass are joined by Montoya and soon by Szasz who forced Dinah to come with him. Szasz is killed by the crossbow killer who appears suddenly and who reveals herself as Helena, the sole survivor of the Bertinelli family and who wants to avenge their deaths. Together they fight Sionis' thugs, but Cass is captured and chased by Dinah and Harley. Sionis is finally killed by Cass. In the end, Montoya (who has left the police), Dinah and Helena form the Birds of Prey team of vigilantes thanks to the Bertinelli fortune, while Cass and Harley sell the diamond and go their own way.

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