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Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

The Man who Knew too Much

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From Wikipedia:

Bob and Jill Lawrence are on vacation in St. Moritz with their daughter Betty. The couple befriend a foreigner, Louis Bernard, who is staying in their hotel. One evening, as Jill dances with Louis, she witnesses his assassination as a French spy. Before dying, the spy passes on to them some vital information to be delivered to the British consul. In order to ensure their silence, the assassins, led by a charming and nefarious Abbott, kidnap their daughter. Unable to secure much meaningful help from the police, the couple return to England and, after following a series of leads, discover the group intends to assassinate a European ambassador during a concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Jill attends the concert and distracts the gunman with a scream. The assassins are killed by the police during a street shoot-out, Betty's sharpshooting mother dispatching the assassin who formerly beat her in a sharpshooting contest. Abbott commits suicide rather than be captured. Betty is returned to her parents.

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