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Tuesday, December 26th, 2017

Iron Man 3

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A terrorist named the Mandarin has attackd several targets in the USA. When one of Tony Stark's friend is killed, Stark starts to investigate and discovers that the latest attack is due to people who have been genetically modified to acquire super strength and recover from injuries, with the drawback that they heat up and explode from time to time. The Mandarin then attacks Stark's home, and Stark escapes in the nick of time in an experimental Iron Man suit. His investigation leads him to finding the lair of the Mandarin, who is only an actor manipulated by Killian, a mad scientist who had invented the genetic treatment. Killian's plan is to kill the President aboard Air Force One, but all the passenger of the plane are saved by Stark. Only the president is still missing, abducted by Killian. Stark eventually saves the president and kills Killian.

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