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Sunday, January 28th, 2018


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Jane is a huge fan of Jane Austen's novels. She spends all her savings to go to England to a Austen-themed holiday mansion. There she plays the role of an orphan who has been taken in by a rich family. Two other, rich american women play the role of rich, single ladies. Jane is first attracted to Martin, a stableboy, but is then courted by Mr. Nobley, who at first seemed to be a grumpy young man. Knowing that the holiday is scripted, and that the love affairs are part of the story, she sets her heart to Martin, who seems to be genuinly in love with her. On her last day, she learns that Martin was the one who was scripted for her, and that Nobley was the one genuinly in love with her. Upon her return to America, Nobley pops up at her door.

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