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Wednesday, October 18th, 2017


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Barbarella is sent by the president of Earth to Tau Ceti, to find the scientist Durand Durand and recover the terrible weapon he invented. After a couple of crash landings and improbable rescues, she arrives at the labyrinth where she learns than Durand Durand is in the city of Sogo. She is flown there by Pygar, the last of the bird-people. They are both taken prisoner by the Black Queen and her Concierge, but Barbarella is rescued by the leader of the underground. She is then again taken prisoner by the Concierge, who happens to be Durand Durand. He then locks up Barbarella with the Queen, and crowns himself king. But the people from the labyrinth revolt using weapons found in Barbarella's ship, while the Queen releases the Matmos (a liquid creature leving below the city that provides the city with energy, in exchange for the evilness of condemned people thrown into it), thus destroying the city. Pygar, whom the Queen had kept as a pet, saves both Barbarella and the Queen.

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