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Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Blade Runner (The Final Cut)

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Replicants are artificial human beings with special abilities and used as slave labour on space colonies. They are illegal on Earth since they rebelled and killed humans. Blade runners are police officers who specialized in killing replicants. Rick Deckard is a retired blade runner who is called back to duty to kill four replicants who arrived recently on Earth. One of them, Leon, was caught and escaped after killing the policeman who administered him a test to determinate whether he is a replicant (they can be easily identified post-mortem, but otherwise only their lack of feelings and short lifespan can distinguish them from humans). Deckard first meets with Tyrell, the head of the corporation maufacturing the replicants, and with Tyrell's assistant Rachael who is a prototype replicant built with feelings and implanted memories. Clues at Leon's hotel room lead Deckard to a second replicant, Zhora, a female cabaret dancer whom he kills too after a street chase. Deckard is then caught by Leon, but the latter is killed by Rachael who just appeared in the nick of time. Rachael and Deckard eventually become lovers. Deckard additionally has a dream about a unicorn. The two other replicants, Batty and Pris, are trying to meet with Tyrell and eventually befriend Sebastian, one of Tyrell's engineers who plays chess with his boss. They eventually coerce Sebastian into taking Batty to Tyrell, whom Batty asks for an extension of their lifetime, which is almost at an end. When Tyrell explains that it is impossible, Batty kills him and Sebastian. Deckard eventually arrives at Sebastian's appartment in an abandonned building, where he kills Pris. He is then chased by Batty who chases him to the building's roof, but just when Deckard is about to fall to the ground, Batty saves him and then dies, his short life having come to its end. Deckard then returns to his place where Rachael is sleeping, and leaves the city with her. A paper unicorn left on the floor by Deckard's fellow police officer hints that Deckard is a replicant himself, that the officer knows (he has read his file containing the implanted memories and knows about the unicorn dream) and that he let them live.

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