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Saturday, October 29th, 2016

Chinese Zodiac

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Jackie is a thief specialized in recovering Chinese national treasures that have been looted over the centuries by colonists. He is hired by MP corp. to retrieve twelve bronze heads representing the Chinese zodiac. Two of those are in mansion in Paris, and while there, he discovers that several more heads are still on the wreck of the ship used by the looter. Jackie and his team travel to the remote island where the ship had been stranded, and recover several more heads, narrowly escaping local pirates. Meanwhile, activists across the world manifest against auctioning national treasures. This leads MP to kidnap activists in the hope to quieten them, but they are freed by Jackie, who at the same time destroys MP's manufacture of fake treasures. MP is trying to sell one head already in its possession, but due to the activists' pressure, no offer is made. MP then decides to destroy the head by throwing it into an active volcano by skydivers, but Jackie recovers the head in the nick of time.

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