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Monday, October 22nd, 2018


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Wade Wilson is a mercenary. He falls in love with Vanessa, but soon after is diagnosed with terminal cancer. A shady character offers to cure him if he joins an experimental treatment. Wilson eventually accepts, and his body gets stressed to the extreme by Ajax in order to make potential mutant genes express themselves. When this happens, he gets the ability to regenerate parts of his body from almost any wound, but becomes hideously disfigured. He destroys the laboratory but Ajax, who taunted Wilson by telling him he could revert his disfigurement but would not do it, escapes. Wilson is convinced that Vanessa would reject him if she sees him, so he becomes a vigilante named Deadpool spending his time hunting down Ajax in the hope for a cure. Deadpool intercepts Ajax and destroys the convoy of armed men, but Ajax escapes as two X-Men stop him. Ajax then finds and kidnaps Vanessa, and Deadpool asks for the help of the X-Men to rescue her. Deadpool captures Ajax and kills him after he revealed that there is actually no cure. Although angry at his earlier disappearance, Vanessa reconciles with Wilson.

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