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Saturday, May 18th, 2013

First Knight

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Malagant used to be King Arthur's first knight, but he now seeks power for himself and harasses the small country of Leonesse, ruled by Lady Guinevere. To protect her people, she decides to marry Arthur. On her way to Camelot, she is attacked by Malagant's men and saved by a wandering knight, Lancelot. They fall in love, but denies her feelings for him since she is betrothed to Arthur. Lancelot's steps take him to Camelot where Arthur notices his bravoury during an obstacle course. After Arthur refused to share Leonesse with Malagant, the latter kidnaps Guinevere, who is then delivered by Lancelot. Arthur then makes Lancelot a knight of the Round Table, and when they hear that Malagant had attacked Leonesse, they go to war and fight for restoring the small country's freedom. Lancelot then announces his intention to leave Camelot, and Guinevere and him finally kiss, only to be discovered by Arthur. The latter accuses them of tresaon and organizes a public trial Camelot. Malagant takes the opportunity to attack Camelot, but Arthur exhorts his people to fight. He is severly wounded at the beginning of the battle; Malagant is killed by Lancelot. Before dying, Arthur makes Lancelot first knight of the round table and forgives him and Guinevere.

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