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Thursday, April 28th, 2022

La La Land

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In Los Angeles, Mia is going from audition to audition trying to get a role as an actress. At the same time, Sebastian wants to open a Jazz club, but has been swindled out of his money, and cannot find a job where he could play the music he likes. Mia and Sebastian meet briefly a couple of time, being rude at each other, until they meet again during a party were Mia was invited and Sebastian plays in the band. Sebastian then seeks Mia out and they visit the Warner Bros. backlot (where she works in a café), and start dating. Sebastian encourages Mia to write her own play, while he accepts reluctantly to play in a friend's jazz fusion band, despite disliking the genre. While Mia gets closer to the premiere of her one-woman play, Sebastian is always absent, on tour and he misses the premiere (which is a failure). She then decide to go back to her parents' place in Nevada. Sebastian then receives a call from a casting director who has seen Mia's play and wants to audition her, so he drives to Nevada and convinces her to come back with him to L.A. She gets the job of writer and actress for the upcoming film, and would be away filming in Paris for many months. As they seem to have no future together, Sebastian encourages her to take the job. Five years later, Mia is a famous actress, has a husband and a small child. During a night in town with her husband, she by chance sees a Jazz bar named Seb's with a logo she had designed for Sebastian years ago. They enter and listen to Sebastian play. She then imagines how their life could have been if Sebastian had come with her to Paris. When the song ends, Sebastian and Mia exchange a smile and she leaves the club with her husband.

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