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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

New Police Story

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Chan is a police officer in Hong Kong. With his team, he attempts to arrest a gang of robbers who seem to be more interesting in the robbing than in the money they steal, and who also have a particular hatred for the police. Chan's team quickly discovers they have been led into a trap, and all but Chan are attacked in a vicious way, Chan being force to play with the gangsters in the hope to save some of his men, including his soon-to-be brother in law. The gangsters having no intention of letting him win, all are killed, and Chan gets depressed, drunk and on extended leave from his work. Some day Frank, a young policeman, appears, claims to be Chan's new partner, and manages to get him motivated to restart the investigation about the gang of robbers. Thanks to a clue from the first encounter with the gang, they find the robbers who manage to escape after wreaking havoc in the city. The duo is arrested, but allowed to escape and receive unofficial help from their colleagues. Soon after, Chan's ex-fiancée whom Frank convinced him to reacquaint with is almost killed by a bomb sent by the gang. The robbers have also published a video game where the goal is to rob various places they have already (and not yet) robbed and kill the policemen, thanks to which they discover the location of the next attack. Chan eventually manages to get them arrested or killed. In the end we learn that Frank is not a policeman, but as a child he had been shown kindness by Chan a when his father had been killed by accident after stealing food.

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