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Sunday, December 18th, 2022

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

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Three convicts, Pete, Delmar and Ulysses escape from a chain gang in order to retrieve a treasure in a place that will soon be flooded to make a lake. They first seek refuge at Pete's cousin's who betrays them to the police. They manage to escape in a car and pick up Tommy, a guitar player. In need for money, they stop at a radio station who pays singers to record their songs and introduce themselves as the Soggy Bottom Boys. They part with Tommy after their car is found by the police. Their song becomes a hit, and producers start to search for the band; the trio knows nothing of that. Later near a river, they encounter three women washing clothes and singing. The women get them drunk and they lose consciousness. They wake up alone, Pete gone with only his clothes left, inhabited by a toad; Delmar believes that the women have transformed their friend. Later in a town, they meet a Big Dan, a one-eyed Bible salesman who gets them to invite him to a picnic, where Big Dan mugs them and kills the toad. On their way to Ulysses' home town, they see Pete working in a chain gang. Once in town, Ulysses confronts his ex-wife Penny who is about to re-marry with Vernon, the campaign manager of Stokes, opposing the current governor in the next election. Penny had told their daughters that Ulysses was dead, and the latter gets beaten by Vernon. Ulysses and Delmar free Pete from his jail; under torture he had revealed the location of the treasure. Ulysses confesses there is no treasure, he fabricated the story to convince the two men chained to him to help him escape so that he could get back to his wife. The trio then stumble upon a Ku Klux Klan rally about to lynch Tommy. They disguise as Klan members to rescue him, but are recognized by Big Dan. Chaos ensues, killing Big Dan and revealing that Stokes is the Grand Wizard. Ulysses convinces his two friends to help him win his wife back, so they sneak into the campaign gala dinner and sing their radio hit, getting acclaimed by the crowd. Stokes arrives, recognizes them, demands them to be arrested, and reveals his white supremacist views. The crowd runs him out of town on a rail, and the current governor, seizing the opportunity, grants them pardon in public. Penny agrees to marry Ulysses if he gets her original ring, left in a house in the valley which will be flooded. The next morning, they arrives at the house but they are arrested by the sheriff who is set on hanging them on the spot. They are saved by the incoming flood; Tommy finds the ring in a desk that floats by, and Ulysses finally gives it to Penny. She complains it's the wrong one and that she will not marry him until he finds the right one.

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