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Monday, October 8th, 2018

Planet 51

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Chuck, a NASA astronaut lands on Planet 51, where little green men live in a society close to the 1950s USA. They immediately fear the alien, believing him to turn people into zombies, and attempt to arrest him. He is hidden by Lem, an astronomy geek, and his sci-fi enthusiastic friend Skiff, and soon joined by Rover, a autonomous robot sent ahead for collecting rock samples, who escapes the museum where it was on display when detecting the presence of the astronaut. Chuck and Rover are eventually taken away by the army to Base 9, but saved by Lem, Skiff and their friends as the local mad scientist was about to surgically remove Chuck's brain. Army General Grawl finally understands that he needs not be afraid of the unknown, and they all leave the self-destructing Base 9 with Chuck's lander. When all are safe home, Chuck flies back to Earth.

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