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Sunday, September 12th, 2021

Puss in Boots

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Puss in boots is trying to steal the magic beans that are in possession of Jack and Jill. The beans would grow and take him to a castle in the sky where he would find the goose who lays golden eggs. Bringing back those eggs to the village where he has been raised as an orphan, he would thus restore his honor. His first attempt fails as he is interrupted by Kitty Softpaws who is associated with Humpty Dumpty. The latter was Puss's friend, but he turned rogue and led Puss to lose his honor by losing the villager's gold. All three associate, manage to steal the beans, reach the castle and bring back the goose and many eggs. The goose happens to be a gosling, and his mother, a giant goose follows him and threatens to destroy the village. Puss understands that Humpty intended to use the giant goose to destroy the village, but he manages to convince his once-friend to return the gosling to his mother and save the village. Puss's honor is restored with the villagers, but as he's still considered a criminal, he flees before the arrival of the police. Humpty, faking his death while saving the village, escapes with the goose to the castle.

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