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Sunday, July 1st, 2007


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Chris Kelvin is a psychiatrist who has been sent to the Solaris space station, located near an mysterious space stellar object called Solaris in order to investigate strange phenomena. When he arrives, the station is empty except for the captain and an engineer, all other crewmembers are dead. He soon discovers that his dreams (about his dead wife) are becoming reality i.e., a creature looking exactly like his wife appears in his cabin overnight. She doesn't know where she is or why she is there, though, but she remembers her husbands memories. The other crewmembers have experienced the same thing. The captain wants to get rid of the creatures, but Kelvin refuses to loose his wife a second time. She tries to commit suicide because she understands she's not real, but she resurrects, as it seems that the creatures cannot die. The captain has however built a device that desintegrate the creatures. The “wife” wants to use it on herself, but Kelvin won't let her leave the cabin, and even stops sleeping in order to keep an eye on her. He however gets eventually sick and she takes advantage of it in order to take her own life for good with the help of the captain. Some time later, they discover that the space station is being attracted towards Solaris and that they must abandon ship. They then discover that the engineer is actually a clone that had killed his human counterpart some time ago. And Kelvin discovers just before take off that he himself is a clone (he probably died when he was sick and dreamt himself alive). He then decides to stay on the station. When it enters Solaris, his mind joins the one of his wife ad they can be together again.

It seems that the director of the movie tried to compete with 2001: A Space Odyssey to make the slowest movie with the smallest amount of action where it is the hardest to understand what happens.

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