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Sunday, February 5th, 2023

The Abyss

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When a US submarine sinks near the Cayman Trough after an encounter with an unidentified entity, the nearby underwater drilling platform Deep Core is sent to attempt a rescue, accompanied with a SEAL team. They do not find any survivor, but one of the civilians sees a non-terrestrial entity. Believing it to be a Soviet submarine, the SEALs take the platform's largest submarine for secretly recovering one of the submarine's nuclear warhead, preventing the platform's crew from disconnecting its tether to their surface base, the Explore, before the coming storm rips it off. The tether's reel is ripped off the Explorer and drags Deep Core to the edge of the trench, partially flooding the platform and killing several people. While waiting, the crew sees another manifestation of the NTI as a pseudopod that also takes a look at the nuclear warhead. This prompts the SEAL's leader, suffering from paranoia due to high-pressure nervous syndrome, to use one of the platform's ROV to deliver the warhead to the NTI inhabiting the trench. A battle and an underwater chase ensues in which the SEAL is killed. The chief of the platform, Bud, then decides to use a diving suit equipped with a liquid-breathing apparatus brought by the SEALs to dive into the trench and disarm the warhead. He has do dive deeper than planned and has not oxygen left for the return trip. Waiting to die, he is rescued by the NTI who show him television images of humans killing each other in wars, as well as gigantic tsunami, created by the NTI, threatening all the coasts of the world. They however stop the waves as Bud has shown, by risking his life to save the NTIs, that they are also capable of compassion. The NTI's underwater mothership, carrying Bud, then rises to the surface, lifting Deep Core and saving the crew's lives (magically removing the need for decompression).

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