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Sunday, May 5th, 2019

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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Harry Osborn inherits his father's company Oscorp, and learns at the same time he has a genetic disease that could be cured with the spider venom that made Spider-Man a superhero. As Oscorp's shady biotechnology research has been destroyed to get better PR and the mutant spiders have been destroyed, he asks his childhood friend Peter Parker if he could put him in contact with Spider-Man whose blood would have the same enhanced self-healing properties. Upon their meeting, Spider-Man however refuses, afraid of the monster Harry could become. At the same time, Max Dillion, an electrical engineer at Oscorp dies in an accident with a vat of mutant electric eels and becomes Electro, a super-villain set to destroy Spider-Man. Spider-Man arrests Electro, but Harry frees him to get access to Oscorp and to its secret department where vials of the venom are kept, among other secret weapons. Having injected himself with the venom, Harry mutates and becomes the Green Goblin. Electro then shuts down New York's new electricity grid (controlled by Oscorp, based on designs by Dillion that were stolen by his supervisor). Spider-Man and Gwen manage to restore the electricity and defeat Electro, but the Green Goblin appears immediately after and Gwen dies in the battle. Depressed, Peter gives up on Spider-Man for a while, but eventually resume being the protector of the city.

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