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Monday, October 1st, 2018

The Maltese Falcon

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In 1941 San Francisco, Sam Spade's detective agency is hired to track Floyd Thursby, getting Sam's partner killed while staking him out. Spade tracks down his client who goes by the name of Brigid O'Shaughnessy, and agrees to investigate Thursby's murder. Sam is then contacted by Cairo, who offers him money to find a black statuette of a bird. Spade soon suspects that O'Shaughnessy and Cairo know each other. The next day Sam notices being followed by a young man, Wilmer, and arranges a meeting with the man's boss, Gutman. The man eventually reveals to Spade he has been tracking for years a very valuable falcon's statuette, that has been changing hands for centuries. Gutman then drugs Spade and disappears, and when the latter wakes up, he finds a clue taking him to a burning freighter in the harbour. Soon after, the captain of the ship, mortally wounded, arrives at Spade's office and drops a bundle containing the Maltese Falcon. Spade hides the package after receiving a distressed call from O'Shaughnessy, and returns to his apartment, finding all the protagonists waiting for him. Gutman is ready to buy the Falcon, and Spade haggles to get Wilmer to be turned to the police for the murders of Thursby and the captain. At dawn, Sam calls his secretary, asking her to bring the package. Upon unwrapping it, Gutman discovers it's a worthless copy; its owner, from whom O'Shaughnessy and Thursby had stolen the Falcon in Istanbul, had understood its worth from Gutman's insistence at buying it and replaced it with a copy. Gutman and Cairo leave to continue their quest for the Falcon while Spade calls the police to pick up Wilmer. He also gets O'Shaughnessy arrested for the murder of his partner, despite his feelings for her.

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