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Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

The Wolverine

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Prisoner in a camp outside Nagasaki in 1945, Logan saves the life of a Japanese officer from the blast of the atomic bomb. Many years later, Logan has not aged, but the Japanese man, Yashida, is dying and sends his adopted daughter Yukio to bring Logan to him. He offers to transfer Logan's immortality to him so that Logan can finally become mortal again, while Yashida can live forever and protect his industrial empire and his grand-daughter Mariko from the Yakuza who want to kidnap her. Logan refuses, and the next night Yashida dies and his doctor secretly introduces something in Logan's body that will make him much weaker. During Yashidas's funeral, Yakuzas attempt to kidnap Mariko, but Logan saves her, getting hurt and unable to heal as quickly as before. Mariko and Logan hide in Nagasaki in a family house, but she gets kidnapped nonetheless. With Yukio's help, they discover that it is Mariko's father Shingen who kidnapped her, as he cannot accept that Yashida made her his heir. Back at the Yashida home in Tokyo Logan, thanks to Yashida's medical equipment, discovers the device lodged around his heart and extracts it. He then kills Shingen who had tried to kill him and Mariko. Yukio and Logan discover that Mariko is held captive in a factory in the mountains, in Yashida's birth place. There Logan is taken prisoner by ninjas (who have served Yashida's family for generations) and Yashida's doctor, a mutant named Viper, introduces him to the Silver Samurai, an electromechanical suit made of adamantium that will extract Logan's healing factor. Thanks to Yukio, Logan manages to escape, losing his adamantium claws in the process, and discovers that the Silver Samurai is manned by Yashida, who was willing to take Logan's healing power even without his consent. Logan eventually kills Yashida and regrows claws made of bone. Logan then leaves Japan. Two years later he is met by Magneto and Professor Xavier who warn him about a new threat against the mutants.

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