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Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

Total Recall (2012)

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After the global chemical war, the only two livable regions left of Earth are the United Federation of Britain and the Colony (Australia). Poor workers from Australia commute every day to the UFB using the Fall, a gravity elevator that goes through the Earth in a few minutes. In the Colony, the Resistance seeks to improve the living conditions, and are accused by Chancellor Cohaagen of acts of terrorism. Colony worker Douglas Quaid has a depressing life and strange recurring dreams. One day he decides to get artificial memories implanted (the specialty of a company called Rekall), where he would be a spy. He reacts badly to the treatment and recovers some memory of a past life as well as amazing fighting skills, causing him to be attacked first by his wife Lori, then chased by the police's robot agents. He then gets a phone call from a former colleague who leads him to a message of himself, the address of an apartment in the UFB and the means to go there. Soon after arriving he is again chased by Lori but is saved by Melina, the woman he sees in his dreams. Hiding at the apartment, he finds another message from himself revealing that his real identity is Carl Hauser a UFB agent tasked with infiltrating the Resistance, and implanted with false memories when he went rogue. Cohaagen's plan is to invade the Colony with an army of robots that would replace the Colonists as labourer and giving the UFB more living space. He has in his memory a kill code that would disable the robots, but only Matthias, the leader of the Resistance is able to recover it. Melina then leads Quaid to Matthias who hides in the polluted wastland just outside the UFB. Cohaagen and his men then arrive, kill Matthias and reveal that there is no kill code and that the false memory was a motivator for him to locate the leader of the Resistance. Cohaagen orders Quaid's memory to be restored while he loads the Fall with his robot army. Quaid escapes before the procedure can start, a fight in the Fall ensues where Cohaagen is killed and the robots are destroyed.

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