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Saturday, October 8th, 2022


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In a world where everybody has electronic implants and self-driving cars, Grey is one of the few who lives without them and repairs old petrol cars. Accompanied by his wife Asah, he delivers a car them to Eron, the CEO of a company that builds a chip called STEM that can manage a human's motor functions. On their way back, they car is hacked, forced into an accident, Asha is murdered. Grey survives, but has become tetraplegic and depressed. He is then contacted by Eron who proposes him to become a guinea pig for STEM on the condition that it remains a secret. Grey recovers his motor functions and quickly discovers that STEM has a consciousness and can talk to him. Together, they track Asha's killers one by one, Grey letting STEM take control of his body during fights against the gangsters, who are former soldiers. While Eron tries to remotely shut down STEM, the latter directs Grey to a hacker who prevents further interference by Eron. Grey then learns that the criminals were hired by Eron and he therefore confronts him. Eron however reveals that he is not in control of the company, as STEM had taken over a long while ago and had organized the whole machination in order to be placed into a Grey's rare human body that does not have other implants. In the end, STEM kills Eron, creates a fantasy world where Asha is alive for Grey's mind to be isolated and walks out into the world as a human.

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