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Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

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The planet Mül is destroyed as a collateral damage of a war between humans and some other alien species. Thirty years later, only a few survivors, named Pearls, remain. Records indicate that the planet was uninhabited. Valerian and Laureline are tasked to recover the last of the Mül convterters from a black market dealer, unknowingly taking it away from the Pearls who were about to buy it. Commander Filitt plans to give the converter as a gift during a meeting of the council of Alpha, a huge complex of ships and space stations where thousands of alien species cohabitate. The Pearls attack the conference and kidnapp Filitt, but fail to notice that Laureline, as Filitt's bodyguard, was holding onto the converter. Valerian chases the Pearls through Alpha, but Laureline loses contact with him as he enters a radioactive zone at the center of the complex, zone that had appeared recently, grows, and from which no-one has ever come back. Laureline manages to locate Valerian, but she is kidnapped by a primitive species and about to be eaten by their emporor when she is saved by Valerian, who had enrolled Bubble, a shapeshifter, to disguise him as a one of the primitives. Bubble dies in the fight, and Valerian and Laureline eventually reach the Pearl's hideout. They learn the fate of Mül and Filitt's involvement and ensuing coverup. While Filitt's robotic troops prepare to attack the Pearls, Valerian accepts to give them the converter, allowing them to produce enough energy to power the ship they had been secretly constructing and escape in the nick of time.

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Watched it again.

Comment #1, Matthieu Weber (Finland), April 19th, 2021 at 22:47

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