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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Blue Moon

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ISBN: 9783784430324

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When the King died, the two heirs, Prince Roland and Princess Elinor, started to fight for the throne. They tried to settle their fight with a battle between a bear and a wolf, but their abuse of magic destroyed the Psi Crystal through which Blue Moon, the God, used to send its wisdom to the eight people of Blue Moon (and incidentally created two mutants, half bear, half wolf). With the Crystal destroyed, the people of Blue Moon were not any more guided by their God and started to fight each other, the ones supporting Prince Roland, the others Princess Elinor (and changing sides from time to time). This situation has lasted for over a decade.

At the beginning of the story, the two most powerful families of the Buka, the pirates from the Western Sea, forged an alliance by marrying the son of Tai Marn and the daughter of Lo Tan. But The new couple is murdered soon after the wedding. Only one small girl recognizes some of the assailants as people of Blue Moon. The Buka want revenge and decide to take over the whole continent and kill all the people of Blue Moon. They soon attack the Hoax city of Sallanion, where live Pelenos (the captain of the city guard) and his twin brother Thelenos. Thelenos is soon asked to live the city to take part in a meeting in Blue Moon city with the Chosen of the eight people. He thus joins a company made of himself, Asha the Vulca, Gorgan the Terrah, Shining Star the Mimix, Iisilia-Aqua-Terz the Aqua, Kidda Shark the Khind, Cardus Nikkus the Pillar and Whistler the Flit. Their mission is to find the Heart of the Crystal, seemingly an additional shard of the Psi Crystal without which it is impossible to remake the Crystal, according the the message that Ordrac the Golden Dragon sent to the Chosen. But only by putting their feud aside they can reach their target, located in a tower in the land of the Hyla, beyond the Mountain of Immensurable Height. During their journey, they learn not to hate each other, and start to work as a team. They also learn that they are being followed by unknown people who try to kill them.

Meanwhile, the Buka attack on Sallanion cannot be withstanded, and Pelenos orders to flee the city after several days of fight, and a surprising meeting with Aqua (with whom they used to be at war) who helped them repelling the Buka for a while (the Aqua where actually seeking revenge for the destruction of their city, Nautilia). They plan to reach Theklis, but that city has been deserted already. On their way to Salanas, he main city of the Hoax' territory, the Hoax meet a group of fleeing Terrah with whom they join forces for a while.

The company finally reaches the tower of Caladura with the help of Lur-nan-Tok, a mutant sent by Tronknor, a Hyla who alerady knew of their mission (Ordrac had told him long ago). He also tells them that they are not the first company looking for the tower. Tronknor then leads them to the tower, where they are assaulted by their mysterious followers. The Hyla protects them and they manage to capture their leader Grease-Palm, an Inquisitor of Princess Elinor. They find around her neck a pendent that belonged to Lo Tan's wife, and which Lo Tan had given to her daughter on her wedding day; Grease-Palm had stolen the pendant befor killing the girl. The company finally enters the tower where they find just a large, cylidrical stone. They form a ring around the stone, and are transported to Blue Moon City, in the Palace of the King, where they meet some of the Chosen, alerted by the sudden increase in Psi power. Thelenos then understands that their company altogether forms the Heart of the Crystal, since they managed to overcome their feud and work together again.

The heroes eventually manage to convince Tai Marn to give up their vengeful invasion in exchange for the real murdered, Grease-Palm. Then they reconstruct the Crystal of Psi, briefly fight the Prince and the Princess (who schemed the Buka Invasion in order to weaken all the people of Blue Moon and turn them into her slaves (or something like that). Eventually, Ordrac comes back and Blue Moon City is once again bathed in Blue Moon's wisdom.

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