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Monday, November 25th, 2013

Making History

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ISBN: 9780099457060

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Michael Yound is a Ph.D. student at Cambridge whose subject is the early life of Adolf Hitler. He meets a physicist who bears the guilt of being the son of a Nazi doctor in Auschwitz and who has built a device that can displace matter in time and space. Michael sugges to poison the well of Hitler's parents in Braunau am Inn, with an experimental permanent contraceptive for males that he steals from his ex-girlfriend's lab. As soon as the deed is done, Michael's consciousness wakes up in a new Michael's body, philosophy major at Princeton, in a world that has never heard of Hitler. Another man, Rudofl Gloder, has however take the place of the Nazi dictator, managed to anihilate USSR with atomic weapons in 1938 and taken over the whole of Europe. A Jewish Free State had been created in the Balkans and all jews had been deported there. Because of asking questions about Braunau and Auschwithz (that nobody knows about), Michael is noticed by the secret services who want to know how he knows about these places. Michael learns that a German defector, now living in Princeton, had revealed that after his father discovered the strange properties of a water well in Braunau, Gloder had built a factory in Auschwitz to synthetise the contraceptive and sterilized all the males in the Jewish Free State. Michael finds the defector (the same physicist as in his own timeline, again feeling guilty because his father's deeds), who has built the same kind of machine. They send dead rats to the Hitler's well, prevening them from drinking the water, and history goes back to its original timeline.

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