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Wednesday, September 8th, 2021

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

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In 1967, Dr. Evil escapes Austin Powers by freezing himself. The latter then voluntarily goes into cryostasis, and gets thawed when Evil reappears, thirty years later. Evil is not interested in Virtucon, the wealthy company set up by his henchman Number 2, and decides to steal a nuclear weapon and threaten the World for money. Austin has difficulties adapting to the modern world, and is helped by Vanessa Kensington, the daughter of his sidekick in the 60s. Together they track Number 2 to Las Vegas, and Austin discovers Evil's plan by infiltrating his secretary's home: send the weapon to the center of the Earth and trigger volcanic eruptions. When infiltrating Virtucon to recover the weapon, they are made prisoner. The UN accepts to pay Evil, but the latter decides to go on with the plan anyway. Austin and Vanessa are left to a convoluted and certain death, and therefore manage to escape. Evil is betrayed by Number 2, and while Austin activates the secret base's self-destruct, Evil escapes again with a rocket and goes into cryostasis in orbit. Austin and Vanessa eventually marry and escape one last murder attempt by Evil's henchman.

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