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Monday, September 19th, 2022

The Gay Divorcee

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Guy, a famous tap-dancer, falls in love with Mimi, a young woman he meets on her arrival in England, but she shows no interest in him. By coincidence, Mimi hires Guy's friend Egbert, an incompetent lawyer, to divorce from her husband. As the latter refuses to give her a divorce, she has to stage an affair with a man (named Tonetti) hired by the lawyer and be “discovered” in the act in a hotel. By another coincidence, Guy is also staying at the hotel and Mimi believes him to be the man hired by the lawyer. Tonetti finds them and forces them to follow the plan and stay in the room all night, but they escape and spend the night dancing. In the morning, the husband arrives, witnesses the affair but still refuses to grant Mimi a divorce until the waiter reveals him as an adulterer, clearing the way for Mimi to get a divorce and marry Guy.

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