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Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Cats and Dogs

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Scott Brody's dog is catnapped by a gang of cats. A replacement dog-agent is quickly dispatched, but because of a mixup, young pup Lou arrives at the house. The neighbouring dog agents are protecting Scott's father's research, a vaccine againts dog allergy, that would give dogs an advantage over cats. But the latter, lead by Mr. Tinkles, are repeatedly trying to destroy the research. One day, by accident, the right formula is found. The cats then kidnapp the whole family and ask Lou to deliver the research against the human's lives. The dogs decide that the research is too important and the humans must be sacrificed, but Lou decides otherwise. When the humans are not freed, Lou and the other dog agents go to their rescue, in Mr. Tinkles' owner's flocking factory. Mr. Tinkles' has reversed the formula and intends to spread dog allergy to the whole world, using mice as carriers. The dogs arrive in the nick of time to prevent it. In the end, Lou is awared the right to start training as an agent, but prefers staying with Scott and his family.

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