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Sunday, September 28th, 2014

Morland Old Hoppy Hen

Categories: [ Beer/Greene King ]


“… Pale and Crystal malts as well as American Chinook hops… grapefruit hop character”

Just another ale, quite nice but maybe a tad too bitter. Contains malted barley and rye.

Morland Brewing, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England. 4.2% alcohol.

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The Adventures of Tintin

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Tintin buys a model ship at the flea market, that several people try to buy from him. After being broken in a fight between Snowy and a cat, the ship gets stolen and Tintin investigates Sakharine, one of the insistent buyers who happen to own a replica of the same ship. Back at his place, Tintin finds a scroll, that was hiddent in the ship. Tintin is soon after abducted by Sakharine and taken prisoner on board of the freighter SS Karaboudjan. During his escape, Tintin meets Haddock, the ship's captain, a drunkard who is also prisoner of Sakharine; Tintin also discovers that Sakharine is heading to Bagghar where the third model ship is owned by Omar ben Salaad. They escape on a lifeboat, are gunned by a seaplane from the freighter; they manage to steal the plane and evetually crash in the Sahara desert, where Haddock starts telling the story of his ancestor, Sir Francis Haddock, captain of the Unicorn, transporting a fortune in gold. The ship was boarded by Red Rackham's pirates but the captain managed to make it explode after having taken a small part of the treasure with him. Three model Unicorn ships contain each a scroll which, when combined, would lead to the treasure. Tintin and Haddock are rescued from the desert by French légionnaires; they eventually reach Bagghar where the Castafiore is having a recital for ben Salaad. Her voice breaks the bullet-proof glass case containing the model ship and Sakharine then steals it. A lengthy chase ensues but Sakharine escapes with the scrolls. Thanks to Thomson and Thompson, they reach Europe before Sakharine and attempt to arrest him when he leaves his ship. After another lenghty fight, Sakharine, who reveals being the descendent of Red Rackham, is finally arrested. Haddock and Tintin following the scrolls' indications, finally find the treasure in a hidden cellar of Marlinspike's castle.

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Saturday, September 13th, 2014

Despicable Me

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Gru is a super-villain who plans to steal the moon. For that purpose, he needs the shrinking ray that his opponent, Vector, stole from him. His attempts to enter Vector's fortress fail until he notices three little orphan girls selling cookies whom Vector invites in. Gru then adopts the three girls and uses them to introduce himself into Vector's house and steal back the shrinking ray. He then builds the rocket that will take him to the moon, but gets distracted by the three girls whom he slowly grows fond of; his associated mad scientist forces him to return the girls to the orphanage. He then flies to the moon, reduces it and steals it, and darts back to Earth in the hope of arriving in time for the girl's ballet recital. But the girls have been kidnapped by Vector who wants to exchange them for the Moon. The latter takes the moon but flies away with the girls. Gru chases them, noticing that the Moon is growing quickly back to its original size, eventually shooting back into its orbit, taking Vector with it. In the end, Gru definitely adopts the girls.

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O'Hara's Amber Adventure

Categories: [ Beer/Carlow ]


“malt body… southern hemisphere hop aroma”

Very bitter, and with a metallic taste on the first sip. Contains malted barley and wheat.

Carlow Brewing Company, Carlow, Ireland. 4.3% alcohol.

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