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Sunday, June 23rd, 2019

St Peter's Without

Categories: [ Beer/St Peters ]


“alcohol-free… slightly sweet malt flavour combined with citrus bitterness”

Slightly sweet, the taste reminds me a lot of mämmi. Contains malted barley and maize.

St. Peter's Brewery, Bungay, Suffolk, England. 0% alcohol.

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Wild Beer Company Sourdough

Categories: [ Beer/The Wild Beer Company ]


“Berliner Weisse style… 58 year old sourdough culture and a little brettanomyces… oak barrels for its primary fermentation… for 4 months… fruity sourness”

Indeed sour, fruity and slightly bitter. Quite surprising. Contains malted barley and malted wheat.

The Wild Beer Co., Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England. 3.6% alcohol.

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Saturday, June 22nd, 2019

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Alice has become a sea captain, but upon her return she discovers that her family has no money anymore and that she is forced to sell her ship. In the house of the buyer, she follows a butterfly and enters Wonderland through a mirror. There she learns that the Hatter is dying of sadness as he is missing his family, who had been killed by the Jabberwocky years ago, but is convinced that they are still alive. Alice is told that by using Time's Chronosphere, she could change history, at the risk of destroying history if past and present characters meet each other. By hopping repeatedly further back in time, she learns that the Hatter's family was killed by the Red Queen out of revenge because the Hatter laughed at her overly large head during the White Queen's crowning ceremony. She then discovers that the Red Queen's hatred for her sister dates from their childhood, when the former had been unduly punished because the latter lied about eating biscuits, but is unable to prevent the accident that ensues and cause the swelling of the head. Alice briefly returns to the real world, waking up in a mental hospital, before returning to Wonderland with the help of her mother. She then travels to the time of the Jabberwocky's attack and discovers that the Hatter's family has actually been made prisoner by the Red Queen and reduced to the size of ants and put in ant ant farm. The Red Queen the steals the Chronosphere to try herself to prevent her accident but sees her young self causing History to bit by bit rust and freeze people. Alice manages to return Time's Chronosphere in the nick of time, reverting History to normal. The two Queens make amends and Alice returns to the real world. Alice's mother refuses to sell the ship, and they both embark to travel the world.

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Nouvelle table

Translation: [ Google | Babelfish ]

Categories: [ Cooking/Nouvelle cuisine ]


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Sunday, June 16th, 2019


Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Soon after twelve extraterrestial ships have landed all over the World, linguist Louise Banks is hired by the US Army to translate the aliens's speech. She instead decides to communicate with them in writing and after several months, starts to understand the Heptapods' ring-shaped glyphs that represent whole sentences and seem to have no concept of time. While doing so, Louise also gets vision of her daughter who is not yet born. In the meanwhile, other countries also learn the language with methods of their own, and because of the confusion between “tool” and “weapon”, the Chinese stop cooperating with the rest of the World, soon imitated by several other countries. In addition, some American soldiers independently attempt to destroy the ship, triggering the Heptapods to move their ship in a menacing way. As war seems inevitable, Louise learns from the Heptapods that learning their language changes her brain and gives her the ability to remember the future. In that future, she sees the Chinese general thanking her for changing his mind and giving her the detail of how it had happened. As the military is packing up the temporary base, Louise steals a satellite phone and calls the general. The war is averted and the aliens leave in peace, announcing that they will need the humans' help in three thousand years.

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Hiisi Jumi

Categories: [ Beer/Hiisi ]


“kuiva… ja hedelmäinen IPA”

Hedelmäinen, tosi hyvää. Sisälttää ohramallasta ja kauramallasta.

Panimoyhtiö Hiisi, Jyväskylä, Suomi. 6.9% alkoholia.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Categories: [ TV/Cinema/Marvel ]



Quill and his friends are chased by the Sovereign after having stolen valuable goods that they were hired to protect. They are saved by a mysterious vessel but crash-land on a nearby planet. Their saviour is Ego, a Celestial who is also Quill's father. Ego takes Quill and some of his friends to his planet, where he explains that he is a planet-sized being who can create human-like extensions of itself travel the galaxy. Quill's friends learn that Ego has been fathering children throughout the galaxy in the hope that one of them has the same powers as he has, and with whom Ego would have enough power to turn all the planets in the galaxy into extensions of himself. Quill is the first one with those powers, all the others have been killed. When Quill learns that Ego caused his mother's death, he finally agrees to flee Ego's planet. In the meanwhile, Rocket and Groot are made prisoner by mercenaries hired by the Sovereign. They manage to escape thanks to the confusion caused by a putsch among the mercenaries and eventually rejoin Quill and the other. While Quill uses his powers to distract Ego, Groot manages to plant a bomb in Ego's core and get rid of the Celestial.

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Thursday, June 13th, 2019

Doctor Strange

Categories: [ TV/Cinema/Marvel ]



Stephen Strange, a neurosurgeon, has lost the fine control of his hands in a car accident and no-one is able to help him recover from his injury. He hears about a paraplegic man who is able to walk and run again after having received some mystic teaching from Kamar-Taj, in Nepal. Strange goes to Nepal, meets the Ancient One and starts training. He eventually becomes a sorcerer, a group of people who protect Earth from attacks from other dimensions, and especially from Dormammu who lurks in the Dark Dimension. Kaecillius, a former student of the Ancient One has stolen a spell that allows to contact Dormammu. After an attack from Kaecillius on Kamar-Taj, Strange flees to the London and New York sanctum of the sorcerers, barely escaping their destruction. He arrives in Hong Kong where the last sanctum is being destroyed. Using a spell that can alter the flow of time (that he had learned without permission in Kamar-Taj to be able to read the pages stolen by Kaecillius) he starts to reverse the destruction of the sanctum, before using the forbidden spell to go to the Dark Dimension and trap himself and Dormammu in a closed loop of time, where the latter repeatedly kills Strange, but to no avail. Dormammu eventually gives up to Strange's demands to leave Earth alone, and Strange return on Earth and completely restores the sanctum.

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Monday, June 10th, 2019

Hiisi Nummirock 2019

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Categories: [ Beer/Hiisi ]


“Galaxy- ja Citra-humala… hedelmäistä”

Hyvää, mutta ei mitään erikoista. Sisältää ohramallasta.

Panimoyhtiö Hiisi, Jyväskylä, Suomi. 5.5% alkoholia.

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Saturday, June 8th, 2019

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



After the disaster that had struck Flint's home island, all inhabitants are relocated to a big city by apparently benevolent technology tycoon Chester V. Flint's dream to become one of Chester V.'s inventor is almost, but not quite, becoming a reality, as he is hired by Live Corp., but the competition is tough, and he fails to to fullfill his dream. But Chester shows Flint how the island has become inhabited by sentient food produced by Flint's invention (that Chester's men have unsuccessfully tried to locate) and tells the naive young man that unless the device is reprogrammed, the sentient food will spread to the rest of the World. Flint is told to keep it a secret, but he soon leaves with his friends for the island. They discover there that sentient food is actually nice, and that even the most frightening species is not evil. They also soon find out that Chester V. is indeed evil and that he needs the device to produce food for the next version of his ever-successful food bar. Flint and his friends are taken prisoner and brought to the secret food bar factory along with the device, causing the sentient food to deperish. The heroes manage to deprogram the device and thwart Chester's plan, and return the device as the heart of the island's ecosystem.

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Sunday, June 2nd, 2019

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Flint Lockwood lives on a small island that depends on fishing sardines. When the only cannery closes, Flint invents a machine that can transforms water into food. As he needs large amounts of power to get the device to work, he connects it directly to the island's power plant, causing his device to be shot into the sky, and destroying the new tourist attraction that is presented to the public the same day. Everybody of course hates him, until it starts raining cheeseburgers. As Flint can control the device remotely, he takes orders and the island's population can finally eat something else than sardines. Flint then meets Sam, the journalist who had come to cover the inauguration and discovers she's a nerd hiding her nerdiness. They are happy together for a while. But the system has a limitation, that order after order, the food risks mutating; since nobody wants to stop using the device, giant versions of the food start to fall from the sky, forcing the inhabitants to evacuate on rafts made of giant toast. The food storm also threatens large cites on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Flint, Sam a few friends then travel towards the device, which has created a fortress of mutant food around it, with many traps and living food attacking them. Flint eventually manages to stop the device and Sam and he finally kiss.

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