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Monday, January 28th, 2008


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Le pinceau était le dernier accessoire plus ou moins irremplaçable qui me manquait. Voilà qui est réparé. Les poils viennent d'un yak et ils sont extrêmement doux. Le manche est en corne et décoré d'un morceau d'os. Je dois bien avouer que l'os c'est pas ma tasse de thé, mais comme c'était le dernier au magasin, je me suis laissé tenter. Il a encore un peu tendance à muer, mais je suppose que ça se calmera avec le temps.

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Saturday, January 26th, 2008

La marche de l'empereur

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Le manchot empereur migre tous les automnes vers l'intériieur des terres pour y retrouver sa compagne et pondre un oeuf. La femelle, épuisée, retourne alors pêcher pendant le le mâle couvre l'oeuf, puis elle revient nourrir le petit tandis que le mâle part à son tour se nourrir en mer. Enfin, les petits qui ne sont déjà plus si petits vont à la mer à leur tour pour se nourrir et commencer un nouveau cycle.

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Morocco Ale

Categories: [ Beer/Daleside | Beer/FAVOURITES ]


“A rich, dark and mysterious ale brewed to the ancient recipe held secret at Levens Hall for over 300 years.

The recipe for Morocco Ale is believed to date from Elizabethan times. Every May-time until 1877 the uniqye, dark, spiced Morocco Ale, matured for 21 years, was served at a great feast held in Levens Gardens, Cumbria. The guests were requred to stand on one leg and empty in a draught a tall Constable glass filled with ‘Morocco’

whilst pledging to the ancient house – ‘`Luck to Levens whilst t’Kent flows.” ''

Quite sweet, with a slight metallic smell, and a slightly bitter after taste. The taste reminds me of some kinds of ginger breads, of cinnamon. After a while, I noticed that the smell reminds me a bit of Cola. Contains malted barley and wheat.

Daleside Brewery Ltd, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England. 5.5% alcohol.

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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Format des cartes à jouer

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Categories: [ DIY ]

Pas de format standard, j'ai trouvé des cartes en largeur 55-57 mm et d'autres en largeur 63 mm. La hauteur est 84-89 mm.

En formats ISO approchants, on a:

  • A8 = 52 x 74 mm
  • C8 = 57 x 81 mm
  • B8 = 62 x 88 mm

Le B8 à l'air sympathique, mais d'ici à trouver une imprimante qui accepte du format B…

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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Diplomatic Immunity

Categories: [ Books/Barrayar ]

Diplomatic Immunity was published in 2002 by Lois McMaster-Bujold.

While on their way back home from their honey moon, Miles, accompanied by Ekaterin, is sent to Graf Station in Quaddie-space to diplomatically solve an incident involving soldiers from a Barrayaran ship escorting a Komarran transport. On the station, Miles meets his old friend Bel Thorne, who is working as an official there as well as an ImpSec agent under cover. Bel helps Miles in his attempt to solve the mystery of the disappearance of the Barrayaran ship's security officer, which is the source of the whole mess. Miles' attention is soon attracted by a mysterious Betan hermaphrodite, using the Komarran transport to carry a thousand foetuses in uterine replicators. Just after meeting it, Miles, Bel and the herm barely escape an attack by a mysterious person. The perpetrator is found later, and happens to be a smuggler who helped the herm to transport the uterine replicators from one ship onto the Komarran transport. The herm poisoned his crewmates, and the smuggler seeks revenge. Miles then discovers that the Betan herm is actually a Cetagandan Ba who has stolen a part of the yearly production of Cetagandan made by the Star Creche. His goal was to create his own empire with him as an emperor. Miles manages to prevent a war between Cetaganda and Barrayar, where the Ba had planted fake evidence of Barrayar's involvment in the plot. Eventually, Miles and Ekaterin go back home, just in time to witness the birth of their children.

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Monday, January 21st, 2008

Fuller's 2006 Vintage Ale

Categories: [ Beer/Fuller's ]


“…the finest Fuggles and Super Styrian hops, floor malted Optic malt and our unique yeast…

Individually packed and numbered, this bottle is one of only one hundred thousand produced.

…will improve with age for many more years.”


Very sweet and very strong, but I can't describe its taste any further. Made of malted barley.

Bottle N° 48712. Fuller, Smith & Turner, London, England. 8.5% alcohol.

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Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]


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Dennis Cooper is a cooper's apprentice who, after being disowned by his dying father, seeks a new trade in the city. Since the kingdom is threatened by a terrible monster, the king organises a tournament to find a champion who will go and kill the monster. After many misfortunes, Dennis ends up as the knight's squire and goes with hime after the beast. The knight is killed by another knight, sent in secret by the burgers of the city who considerer the monster as a asset to their business, but the second knight is in turn killed by the monster, and the latter is then killed by Cooper and by accident. Cooper gets half of the kingdom and the princess as his wife, although he'd wanted to marry a peasant girl who didn't even like him.

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Categories: [ TV/Cinema/Monty Python ]


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From Wikipedia:

King Arthur is recruiting his Knights of the Round Table throughout England. He is frustrated at every turn by anarcho-syndicalist peasants, a Black Knight that refuses to give up despite losing both his arms and legs, and guards that are more concerned with the flight patterns of swallows than their lord and master. Finally he meets up with Sir Bedevere the Wise, Sir Lancelot the Brave, Sir Galahad the Pure (also called "the Chaste"), Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-As-Sir-Lancelot, and "the aptly named Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Film", and declares them the Knights of the Round Table. They are given a quest by God to find the Holy Grail.

After they split up, Sir Robin encounters a Three-Headed Giant, Galahad runs across the perils of Castle Anthrax, Sir Lancelot massacres a wedding at Swamp Castle, and Arthur and Bedevere encounter the dreaded Knights who say Ni. They each overcome their individual perils and reunite to face a bleak and terrible winter. Surviving the winter by eating Sir Robin's minstrels, they venture further to a pyromaniac enchanter named “Tim”, who takes them to a cave guarded by a killer rabbit.

After killing the vicious Rabbit of Caerbannog with the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, the knights face The Legendary Black Beast of Aaargh, and cross the Bridge of Death that is guarded by “the old man from Scene 24”. Arthur and Bedevere survive to arrive at Castle Aaargh, and face the French Taunter once more. The film ends abruptly when a group of police from the 1970s interrupt the climactic battle scene to arrest Bedevere and King Arthur for the murder of Frank, the “famous historian”.

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Friday, January 18th, 2008

Parman kinkku

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Categories: [ Cooking ]

Seppälän Citymarketista löysin Pirkan Parmankinkkua ja Snellmanin Parmankinkkua. Snellmanin on melkein kaksi kertaa kalliimpi kuin Pirkan, mutta se on parempimakuinen, pehmeampi ja hedelmäinen. Pirkan tuote maistuu metalliseltä ja se on sitkeä. Se sisältää myös vähän enemmän suolaa ja rasvaa.

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Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Les tontons flingueurs

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Fernand Naudin est un ex-truand reconverti dans le négoce de machines agricoles à Montauban. Sa petite vie tranquille va basculer lorsque son ami d'enfance, le Mexicain, un gangster notoire, de retour à Paris, l'appelle à son chevet. Celui-ci, mourant, confie à Fernand, avant de s'éteindre, la gestion de ses « affaires » ainsi que l'éducation de sa petite Patricia, au mécontentement de ses troupes et sous la neutralité bienveillante de maître Folace (Francis Blanche) son notaire, qui ne s'émeut pas trop de la querelle de succession à venir. Fernand Naudin doit affronter les frères Volfoni Raoul et Paul qui ont des visées sur les affaires du Mexicain : un tripot clandestin, une distillerie tout aussi clandestine, une maison close, etc. Fernand tente de faire rentrer les Volfono dans le rang, mais les attentats contre sa vie se multiplient malgré la paix signée entre les Volfoni et lui. On découvre rapidement que c'est le responsable de la distillerie clandestine qui tire les ficelles, et Fernand finit par s'en débarasser, en même temps qu'il marie Patricia et confie la gestion des « affaires » au père du marié, vice-président du Fonds Monétaire International.

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Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

La vengeance de Gutenberg

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Categories: [ Books ]

ISBN: 9782913990814

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Un roman historique de Bernard Fischbach publié en 2002.

Gutenberg rentre à Strasbourg après avoir passé près d'un an à Avignon où il a rencontré un maître du poiçon, dans l'espoir de résoudre ses problèmes liés à la mise au point de l'imprimerie. À son retour, il apprend que son associé, Lorentz Beildeck a disparu sans laisser de traces, son logement a été saccagé et un menuisier avec lequel il avait travaillé est mystérieusement assassiné juste avant que Gutenberg ne puisse le rencontrer. Gutenberg reçoit des fioles contenant du sang humain, probablement celui de son associé en guise d'avertissement. Il finit par apprendre que Beildeck est un hussite (de Jean Hus, réformateur d'avant la Réforme), dont la communeauté ne cesse de grandir à Strasbourg et dont les membres sont pourchassés par l'Inquisition. Cette dernière s'est associée avec la corporation des enlumineurs et copistes pour tenter d'empêcher l'avênement de l'impression, dont la plupart des acteurs sont justement des hussites. Parmi les inquisiteurs se trouvent un espion du roi de France qui parvient à les convaincres de ne pas exécuter sommairement Beildeck, mais ce dernier est finalement retrouvé mort par Gutenberg, probablement assassiné par la corporation des copistes. Dépité, Gutenberg quitte Strasbourg et retourne à Mayence pour continuer son travail et finalement imprimer sa première Bible.

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Sunday, January 13th, 2008

A Civil Campaign

Categories: [ Books/Barrayar ]

A Civil Campaign has been published in 1999 by Lois McMaster Bujold.

Gregor's wedding is coming soon. Mark comes back from Beta through Escobar with a new friend, a mad scientist who has invented butter bugs, eating any kind of organic waste and producing both human-edible food and compost. Meanwhile Miles tries to court Ekaterin without her knowledge (because she is still in mourning) and invites her to a family dinner. The dinner turns into a nightmare when the guests are told they are eating bug butter based food, while the mad scientist tells the Koudlekas about their daughter's relationship with Mark, followed by Illyan asking loudly to Miles how long he has been courting Ekaterin, and ends with Miles proposing accidentally to Ekaterin. Ekaterin storms out just when Miles' parents are coming back from Sergyar earlier than expected. Meanwhile, two political schemes are going on within the counts for the control of two Districts, and one faction starts rumors about Miles' role in the death of Ekaterin's husband on Komarr. Some amount of scheming and one deceased count's sister changing gender surgically in order to become a legal male heir later, Ekaterin proposes to Miles during a session of the Counts' assembly in order to disprove Miles' responsibility in the Komarr incident, and Gregor finally gets married.

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Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Knife of Dreams

Categories: [ Books/Wheel of Time ]

ISBN: 0812577566

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Eleventh book of the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, published in 2005. In this book, Mat Cauthon gets married to Tuon, daughter of the nine moons and probably future Empress of the Seanchan. Perrin rescues Faile and others from the Shaido, who, after losing Sevanna to the Seanchan, decide to go back the the Three-Fold Land and never leave it again. Rand and others get attacked by thousands of trollocs and myrdraals; soon after Rand falls into a trap set by one of the Forsaken and looses a hand (but the Forsaken is made prisonner). Elayne manages to end the siege of Caemlyn, rally enough Houses to her in order to become the new queen, and to arrest several black ajah aes sedai. Finally, Egwene, who had been kidnapped by Elaida's followers is back in the White Tower as a novice, but slowly plants seeds of discord between aes sedai and Elaida.

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Friday, January 4th, 2008

Le secret des Dolphantes

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Categories: [ Books/Comics/Troy ]

ISBN: 9782302000315

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Septième volume de Lanfeust des étoiles, publié en 2007. Thanos tente de corrompre Glin, le fils de Lanfeust et Cixi, en le rendant accroc à la toxine. En même temps, Lanfeust, Qam, Hébus et l'orgnobi sont sauvés de la destruction de leur vaisseau par les mystérieux Dolphantes, controlleurs des portes du subespace, qui ne sont autres que les Ghomos que Lanfeust avait sauvés 4000 ans dans le passé. Avec leur aide et celle de Cixi, nos héros se lancent à l'assaut de la planète qui sert de repaire à Thanos dans le but de sauver Glin. Ils y parviennent, mais la flotte des alliés est complètement détruite et ils n'ont plus aucun refuge.

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