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Saturday, November 30th, 2013

Get Smart

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Maxwell Smart, analyst for the CONTROL intelligence agency finally becomes field agent 86 when all active agents have been compromised. With his partner Agent 99, they investigate a traffic of uranium by the criminal organisation KAOS leading them to a (fake) bakery in Moscow. Smart destroys the bakery but further investigation by the famous Agent 23 shows no trace of uranium or wrongdoing. Smart is put into prison under the accusation of being a double agent. When he hears on the radio a message addressed covertly to him by an agent of KAOS who had helped them escape from the bakery that KAOS would plant a bomb in L.A., he escapes and goes there where he convinces his boss and 99 that hs is not the double agent, and finds proof that it is actually 23. A car chase ensues, 86 and 99 trying to recover the bomb's remote control from 23. They eventually prevent the bomb from exploding, and Max is definitly accepted as a field agent.

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Brewdog Santa Paws

Categories: [ Beer/Brewdog ]


“scotch ale brewed with Scottish Heather Honey… malty beer”

Strong roasted flavours, honey aroma with a hint of rye bread. Contains malted barley.

BrewDog Ltd., Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 4.5% alcohol

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Monday, November 25th, 2013

Making History

Categories: [ Books ]

ISBN: 9780099457060

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Michael Yound is a Ph.D. student at Cambridge whose subject is the early life of Adolf Hitler. He meets a physicist who bears the guilt of being the son of a Nazi doctor in Auschwitz and who has built a device that can displace matter in time and space. Michael sugges to poison the well of Hitler's parents in Braunau am Inn, with an experimental permanent contraceptive for males that he steals from his ex-girlfriend's lab. As soon as the deed is done, Michael's consciousness wakes up in a new Michael's body, philosophy major at Princeton, in a world that has never heard of Hitler. Another man, Rudofl Gloder, has however take the place of the Nazi dictator, managed to anihilate USSR with atomic weapons in 1938 and taken over the whole of Europe. A Jewish Free State had been created in the Balkans and all jews had been deported there. Because of asking questions about Braunau and Auschwithz (that nobody knows about), Michael is noticed by the secret services who want to know how he knows about these places. Michael learns that a German defector, now living in Princeton, had revealed that after his father discovered the strange properties of a water well in Braunau, Gloder had built a factory in Auschwitz to synthetise the contraceptive and sterilized all the males in the Jewish Free State. Michael finds the defector (the same physicist as in his own timeline, again feeling guilty because his father's deeds), who has built the same kind of machine. They send dead rats to the Hitler's well, prevening them from drinking the water, and history goes back to its original timeline.

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Monday, November 18th, 2013

Zu, Warrions from the Magic Mountain

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



In ancient China, a soldier escapes the battlefield and ends up in a cave where he is attacked by ghosts and saved in the nick of time by a swordsman who quickly disappears. Their paths meet again and soon are joined by the Monk and his disciple. The soldier undestands that the warriors of goodness cannot unite to fight evil because they are arguing all the time. Their are attacked by a demon and only manage to temporarily imprison its soul; to destroy him, the two young ones must find the Lady Li I-Chi and get the two twin swords, Purple and Green. The Monk is poisoned by the demon and must be taken to the Fort to be cured by the Countess or he will become a double of the demon within ten days. In the fort they are attacked by the demon but eventually they escape. The Monk is cured, but the Swordsman is poinsoned too. The two young ones eventually reach the border between Good and Evil territories, find the lady who gives them the ability to unite the two swords. They thus manage to prevent the demon to enter Evil territory and tip the balance of Goodness/Evil in favour of the latter. They also become the new generation of gardians of Goodness.

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Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

The World's End

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Twenty years after failing to complete the Golden Mile, a 12-pub crawl in Newton Haven as teenagers, Gary King, an alcoholic, gathers the four friends from his youth to attempt the pub crawl again. In the fourth pub, Gary fights against a teenager in the toilet and discovers the kid is a robot; so are the kid's friend, and apparently a large proportion of the town's population. The inhabitants who are still human try and convince Gary and his friends to join themr. Their refusal to comply causes the robots to chase the heroes, losing two members of their group during in the process; they reappear as robots. Despite the situation, Gary is still keen on drinking one pint in each pub, and he and Andy eventually take cover in the last pub of the Golden Mile, the World's End. The place is the headquarter of an extra-terrestrial entity known as the Network (responsible for the advances in telecommunications in the past twenty years), who explains that key locations in the world have been invaded and a small proportion of the population replaced with robots to invisibly take humanity on the path to world peace and to take its place in a galactic federation (with little success currently, humans being quite set against imposed happiness) and the possiblity to access eternal youth, as robots. Gary refuses, causing the Network to leave the Earth and to cause global destruction of the planet. In the end, some humans who have survived are quite happy living a simple life with the robots, while others despise them.

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Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Gagner la guerre

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Categories: [ Books ]

ISBN: 9782070437412

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Benvenuto Gesufal est le maître-espion (et assassin) du podestat Leonide Ducatore, dirigeant de la république de Ciudalia. Benvenuto est envoyé en Ressine pour négocier un accord secret entre Ducatore et le chah de Ressine afin de mettre fin à la guerre qui les oppose. Benvenuto est aussi chargé d'assassiner, pendant une attaque préméditée des ressiniens, Bucefale Mastiggia, héros de la guerre et le fils du dirigeant de la faction adverse, le plus sérieux rival de Ducatore au poste de podestat. Benvenute s'acquitte de ces deux tâches mais est fait prisonnier par les ressiniens et finalement libéré contre rançon. À son retour à Ciudalia, il est accueilli par les Mastiggia comme un héros qui a combattu aux cotés de Bucefale, grâce aux rumeurs propagées par Ducatore. Quelques temps plus tard, un rescapé de l'attaque au cours de laquelle Bucefale a été assassiné refait surface et accuse Ducatore et Benvenuto lors d'une assemblée du Sénat de Ciudalia. Le podestat fait arrêter Benvenuto, mais ce dernier s'échappe et fuit la ville, avec l'aide et en compagnie du sorcier de Ducatore, le nécromant Sassanos. Ce dernier a pour mission d'aller chercher Belisario, le fils du podestat, parti plusieurs années auparavant à l'étranger ; le podestat veut en faire son successeur. Benvenuto est surveillé à distance par d'autres sorciers, et Sassanos ordonne Benvenuto de se cacher à Bourg-Preux, où il sera invisible aux autres sorciers, la ville étant bouillonante de magie suite à une bataille de sorciers plusieurs siècle auparavant. Benvenuto se terre quelques temps, mais finit par avoir le mal du pays, et surtout il se rend compte que le podestat son patron se sert de lui. À la fin de l'hiver, Benvenuto reprend le chemin de Ciudalia, mais est attaqué près du but par les hommes de Mastiggia. Il apprend que la maîtresse du père Mastiggia est en fait une sorcière vieille de plus de deux-cents ans et que son but était de devenir l'éminence grise de Ciudalia après avoir fait de Bucefale le nouveau podestat ; Ducatore a involontairement détruit ses plans. Benvenuto est finalement sauvé de justesse par Sassanos accompagné de Belisario et ses hommes, et ils rentrent ensemble à Ciudalia. Le podestat est ennuyé du retour de Benvenuto et le fait chanter afin qu'il élimine la famille Mastiggia et aille ramener sa fille, Clarissima, qui avait trahi son père (ce dernier ne voyant en elle qu'une fille à marier afin de tisser une alliance) et rejoint les Mastiggia. Benvenuto s'acquitte de sa tâche et devient aux yeux du public le héros qui a sauvé Clarissima de ses ravisseurs.

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Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959)

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Holmes is asked by Dr. Mortimer to keep his patient, Sir Henry Baskerville, safe from what caused the mysterious and horrific death of Sir Henry's uncle, Sir Charles, presumably killed by the legendary ghost hound, the Baskerville family's curse. Since Holmes cannot leave London, Watson accompanies Sir Henry to Devon. They are warned that a prisoner had escaped from the nearby Dartmoor Prison and is hiding on the moor. The prisoner, wearing Sir Henry's old clothes given to him by his sister, Sir Henry's servant, is found dead with marks of laceration on his body. Sir Henry also meets his neighbour, a struggling farmer named Stapleton, and his daughter Cecille, who falls in love with Sir Henry. Watson also notices another stranger on the moor, which happens to be Holmes. Sir Henry, led by Cecille to the place where Sir Charles had been killed, is attacked by the hound and by Stapleton, saved by Watson and Holmes. The legendary hound has been revived by Stapleton, using a masked, famished great dane trained to recognize Sir Henry's scent. Stapleton is an illegitimate descendant of the Baskerville family, and would inherit the Baskerville fortune at the death of Sir Henry.

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Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Astérix chez les Pictes

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Categories: [ Books/Comics/Asterix ]

ISBN: 9782864972662

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Mac Oloch, un Picte congelé dans un glaçon s'échoue sur la plage, près du village d'Astérix. Après avoir été partiellement soigné de son aphonie, il raconte avoir été attaché à un tronc par Mac Abbeh, le chef du village voisin qui convoite la fiancée de Mac Oloch, et jeté dans le Loch. Astérix et Obélix raccompagnent Mac Oloch en Calédonie ; on apprend que Mac Abbeh a conclu une alliance avec les romains pour assurer son accession au trône de Calédonie lors d'une prochaine cérémonie où le prétendant qui fait le discoups le plus acclamé est élu. Mac Oloch apprend que Mac Abbeh a enlevé sa fiancée, et tandis que le premier se rend à la cérémonie, les deux gaulois partent délivrer la jeune femme. Ils la ramènent à Mac Oloch juste au moment où ce dernier fait son discours et accuse Mac Abbeh. Une bataille s'ensuit, et le chef félon et le centurion romain son soumis au supplice du tronc dans le Loch. Astérix et Obélix s'en retournent alors chez eux.

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Les hordes de la nuit

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Categories: [ Books/Comics/Les forets d'Opale ]

ISBN: 9782302031005

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Huitième volume de la série Opale publié en 2013. Sleilo est convaincue qu'elle peut contrôler l'esprit de la pierre noire. Elle convainc Darko est ses amis de travers les Enfers et de libérer Ghörg du onzième cercle, afin de combattre Kamphre d'Yrkhone. Les Klapotèques les guident au premier cercle et leur permettent de chevaucher des démons ailés qui les emportent au neuvième cercle. Ils y rencontrent les cousins de Ghörg qui les accueillent chaleureusement et acceptent de les accompagner au dixième puis au onzième cercle. L'emplacement de ce dernier est défini par l'endroit où se trouvent les démons du onzième cercle, qui se trouvent en ce moment au Havre. Ils y retrouvent Ghörg, puis se replient dans la forêt pour y lever une armée d'hommes libres.

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Categories: [ Books/Comics/Aquablue ]

ISBN: 9782756032702

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Quatorzième volume d'Aquablue. Une île-cité flottante a été construite sur Aquablue. Nao et son entourage, ainsi que nombre de personnalités terriennes sont invitées pour l'inauguration. Un commando de natifs d'Aquablue prend possession de l'île et menacent de tuer leurs otages si la Terre ne procède pas immédiatement à l'évacuation des colons terriens.

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Petit tour avec Malcolm

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Categories: [ Books/Comics/Alpha ]

ISBN: 9782803627493

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Douzième volume de la série Alpha. Une tueuse à gages, Scala, est envoyée sur les traces d'Alpha, tandis que l'ancienne partenaire de ce dernier parvient à le retrouver en Alsaka. Le FBI suit cette dernière et Scala, informée des mouvements du FBI, trouve aussi la trace d'Alpha. Lors de sa fuite, Alpha est retrouvé par Scala qui, au lieu de le tuer, l'emmène en hélicoptère, simule un crash en mer et fait croire à sa disparition.

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Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

Fuller's 2006 Vintage Ale (7 Years Old)

Categories: [ Beer/Fuller's ]


“…the finest Fuggles and Super Styrian hops, floor malted Optic malt and our unique yeast…

Individually packed and numbered, this bottle is one of only one hundred thousand produced.

…will improve with age for many more years.”


Very sweet and very strong, tastes like sherry but much sweeter, with hints of prunes. Made of malted barley.

Previously tasted in 2007.

Bottle N° 49425. Fuller, Smith & Turner, London, England. 8.5% alcohol.

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