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Sunday, December 30th, 2018

L'affaire Olympia

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ISBN: 9782746506985

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Depuis dix ans, Apolline et sa famille se rendent chaque année sur la tombe d'Henri Poincaré, conformément au testament de Théodore Folifou, leur arrière-grand-père. Pour la première fois, son petit frère Pierrot comprend le sens caché du testament, qui les mène à l'académie Olympia, fondée à l'origine par Einstein pour discuter du travail de Poincaré. Par la suite, cette académie est devenu un service secret ayant pour mission d'empêcher l'utilisation des découvertes scientifiques à des fins néfastes, surtout durant la guerre froide. Accompagnés de leur grand-mère, la fille de Folifou, ils sont invités à rejoindre les rangs de l'académie s'ils arrivent à résoudre des énigmes mathématiques dans la ville de Paris. Apolline est attaquée durant l'une des épreuve et on lui vole les énigmes de la journée, ce qui, à cause du règlement strict, met fin à leurs chances d'entrer à l'académie. Plusieurs mois plus tard, Pierrot découvre un nouvel indice dans le testament, ce qui met l'équipe sur les traces de l'agresseur d'Apolline. Un indice laissé par un des quatre membres actuels de l'académie les met sur la piste d'une mystérieuse cellule Babylone, dirigée par la mère d'Apolline. Cette dernière explique qu'avec l'explosion des découvert scientifiques et des technologies, l'académie Olympia avait perdu sa légitimité à décider seule de ce qui est bon ou mauvais et le rôle de la cellule était de laisser fuiter les informations vers le public afin que les décision soient prises par le peuple plutôt que par un petit comité. Le testament de Folifou et la résolution de ses énigmes marque la fusion de l'académie Olympia et de la cellule Babylone.

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Saturday, December 22nd, 2018

Donut Island Frisco Disco

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Katkera, vähän greipin mäkuinen. Sisälttää ohrasmallasta.

Valmistaja: Panimo Hiisi. 6.2% alkoholia.

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Sunday, December 16th, 2018

St. Austell Proper Job

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Very flowery, a bit fruity. Contains malted barley.

St Austell brewery, St Austell, Cornwall, England. 5.5% alcohol.

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Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

Wild Beer Company Modus Operandi

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“a balance of Burgundy red wine and Kentucky Bourbon… toffee and caramel… sour and sweet cherry notes… dark chocolate… balsamic character”

Quite sour, more wine than beer, with something of Madeira wine. Contains malted barley and malted wheat.

The Wild Beer Co., Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England. 7% alcohol.

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Saturday, December 1st, 2018


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Since the dawn of times, Minions have been serving villains, with more or less success, often less. Unable to find a new boss, they hide in a cave but eventually get depressed. Kevin, Stuart and Bob then decide to get out of the cave and find a new boss. The eventually arrive in New York, where they accidentally hear about a villain convention in Orlando, to which they hitchhike a ride. They manage to get hired by Scarlet Overkill, who takes them with her to London. She then sends them to steal the imperial crown from the Tower of London, but during the escape, Stuart accidentally pulls Excalibur from the Stone, and is crowned king. Confronted by Scarlet Overkill, Stuart abdicates in her favour. Later, they accidentally interrupt the coronation ceremony, and Scarlet orders them to be killed. Chased by all the criminals in the city, Bob and Stuart are caught, but Kevin manages to use the ultimate weapon invented by Scarlet's husband to turn himself into giant Minion and save his friends. In the meanwhile, the rest of the Minion tribe has arrived in London, having been notified earlier that a new boss had been found. The Minions then attend a ceremony where the reinstated Queen thanks Kevin, Stuart and Bob. Scarlet reappears and steals the crown, but she is frozen in place and a young Gru takes the crown from her hand before leaving. The minions follow him, having now found a new boss.

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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

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After having been arrested in the USA, Grindelwald is transferred to Europe to be tried there for his crimes, but manages to escape. In London, Newt Scamander refuses to join the Aurors to help his brother Theseus get a hold on Credence, recently seen in Paris, meaning he is still banned from travelling abroad. But Dumbledore convinces him to go search for Credence,, whom Grindelwald believes to be the only wizard powerful enough to kill Dumbledore (the two wizards being unable to fight each other due to a blood oath they had taken when they were young). Soon after Queenie and Jacob arrive in London, telling Newt that Tina is in Paris searching for Credence, but Queenie leaves for Paris after a quarrel. Newt and Jacob then travel to Paris where they find the trace of Credence who has been working in a freak show. They then find Yusuf, who has taken a vow to kill Credence, as his father has caused the death of Yusuf's mother. Newt and Tina infiltrate the Ministry of Magic looking for proofs of the identity of Credence. Instead they find a lead to the Père Lachaise cemetery where a family tree in Yusuf's family tomb reveals that Credence is not Yusuf's half brother, having been exchanged as a baby, said half-brother being now dead. At the cemetery they join a political rally by Grindelwald who uses images from the future World War II to convince wizards to take power from teh muggles to prevent the war from happening. Credence and Queenie join Grindelwald, and the heroes barely manage to prevent the destruction of Paris by magic fire. In the end, Grindelwald reveals to Credence that he is Dumbledore's lost brother, and Newt gives Dumbledore an artefact stolen from Grindelwald that may allow to break the blood oath.

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