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Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Carry On, Jeeves

Categories: [ Books/Wodehouse ]

ISBN: 9780091745745

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Published in 1925.

Jeeves Takes Charge Bertie hires Jeeves. Engaged to Florence Craye, the latter forces Bertie to steal a manuscript written by her uncle Willoughby the content of which reveals the agitated youth of, among other prominent figures, her father. Jeeves saves Bertie by removing the parcel, hidden in his master's room, before the uncle searches it, and forwarding it to the publisher, causing Florence to break her engagement to Bertie.

The Artistic Career of Corky Bertie fled to New York to avoid meeting his Aunt Agatha. There, his artist friend Corky seeks Bertie's help to find a way to present Muriel Singer, the actress to whom he's engaged to Alexander Worple, his uncle, a bird specialist who also gives him a regular allowance. Jeeves suggests Muriel to write a children's book about birds, where she would abundently quote Worple's books on birds. Muriel eventually marries old Worple and gives birth to a child, depriving Corky from his inheritance. When Worple asks him to paint a portrait of the baby, the result is quite cartoonish and the uncle hates it, but it is the beginning of Corky's career as a regular cartoonist.

Jeeves and the Unbidden Guest Lady Malvern, a friend of Aunt Agatha's, drops her son at Bertie's before touring the American prisons for her new book. Her son Motty is supposed to be of the quiet kind, but actually spends quite a dissolute life in New York, ending up in prison. Her mother sees him there and accuses Bertie of having neglected his duty as a guardian, but Jeeves saves the day by making her believe that Motty went to prison voluntarily in order to help her mother with her work.

Jeeves and the Hard-Boiled Egg Bertie's friend Bicky is in trouble, since he's supposed to be a businessman in New York, while he's actually idle, living from his uncle's allowance. Said uncle just arrives in New York; Jeeves suggests Bertie to lend him his flat, since Bicky is supposedly rich. But this only makes the uncle cut off his allowance. Bicky then decides to start a chicken farm business, but needs some starting cash. Jeeves manages to find a bunch of americans who would pay to shake hands with the uncle (who's the Duke of Chiswick). The plot is discovered, but Jeeves manages to blackmail the uncle into finding him a place as a secretary, against not telling the press (that the uncle hates) about the incident.

The Aunt and the Sluggard Rockmetteller Todd the poet, yet another friend of Bertie's, lives in the country on Long Island and hates the big city. When his aunt promises him a large allowance against his frequent written account of his supposedly tepidant life in New York, he turns to Jeeves who suggest that himself could have the trepidant life and forward some notes Rocky could use to write his reports to his aunt. One day, the aunt, who is supposed to hate traveling, appears on Bertie's door (Rocky is supposedly writing from there) and wants to live herself the excitement of the city. After several excruciating days for Rocky, Jeeves manages to take the aunt to a religious meeting where the orator accuses the city of all the sins. The aunt then decides to return home and “forces” her nephew to retire to the country.

The Rummy Affair of Old Biffy While in Paris, Bertie is told by his friend Biffy that he met a girl and got engaged on a ship to New York, but being a real chump all he remembers of her is her name, Mabel. He is desperate to find her again. Back in London, Biffy gets engaged to Honoria Glossop, and Jeeves seems unable to help him. Bertie suggest him to make a fool of himself during a lunch with Honoria's father, but he fails at it. While visiting an exhibition in Wembley with Bertie and Jeeves, the former tells the latter what Biffy had revealed in Paris. Jeeves suddenly suggests Biffy to visit a pavillion where live mannequins are dressed as women from all over the world. Biffy recognizes Mabel. Jeeves then explained that Mabel is his niece and he thought Biffy only toyed with her feelings.

Without the Option To cheer up his friend Sippy, Bertie suggests him to steal a policeman's helmet, but Sippy end up in prison under a false name. Depending on his aunt's allowance, he doesn't want her to know his situation, but since he has promised her to stay in Cambridge at her friend's place, he cannot fail to show up. Jeeves suggests that Bertie shoild take his place, since they haven't seen Sippy since he was ten. The family is terrible, the daughter is a cousin of Honoria Glossop, and even looks and behaves like her. Bertie's cover is blown the day Honoria's father comes to visit and recognizes him. He manages to escape, and Jeeves suggests him to go and tell the truth to Sippy's aunt. She laughs at what her nephew has done, because Jeeve's cousin, being the policeman of the aunt's village, had started some weeks before to force her to actually pay for offences (given her temper, it wasn't the case before).

Fixing it for Freddie Freddie's fiancee Elizabeth has suddenly broken their engagement. To cheer him up, Bertie takes him to the coast, but Elizabeth happens to live in the same village. Bertie then decides to kidnap a kid who seems to be Elizabeth's nephew so that Freddie could be a hero by returning the missing child, but Elzabeth does not actually know him, she was just playing with him on the beach. Bertie enventually finds the child's family, but since they all got the mumps, they ask him to take care of him until his uncle arrives from London. Jeeves then suggests to teach the kid to say “Kiss Freddie” in Elizabeth's presence when given a candy in order to soften her. The plot fails when Elizabeth discovers the child has been trained, but somehow Freddie and her are engaged again.

Clustering Round Young Bingo Bingo asks Bertie to steal an article his wife wrote for Aunt Dahlia's magazine, which would make all Bingo's friends laugh at him. Bertie fails, but Jeeves manages to arrange for Bingo's cook to be hired by Agatha (being the only cook who can soothe Uncle Tom's stomach, therefore putting him in a good mood that allows Dahlia to ask him for money) in exchanged for the article not to be published.

Bertie Changes his Mind (The story is told by Jeeves) Bertie decides he doesn't want to be a bachelor anymore and wants to buy a house and live with his sister and her children. Jeeves does not like the prospect. While driving to Brighton they meet a twelve-years old girl whom they drive back to her school. Jeeves convinces the headmistress to ask Bertie to make a speech in front of all the girls. The experience his terrible for poor Bertie who decides to stay a bachelor after all.

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Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Détecteur IR

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Categories: [ DIY/Arduino ]

Le détecteur IR (QRB1134) ne fonctionne pas très bien pour détecter le déplacement de l'aiguille du compteur d'eau. Le fait qu'il y ait une couche de verre et que le compteur soit sous eau ne doit probablement pas faire partie des paramètres normaux de fonctionnement…

J'ai suivi le schéma à superdroidrobots.com pour le branchement, en ajoutant une LED rouge entre la résistance de 10 kΩ et le collecteur du phototransistor. L'Arduino n'a servi que comme source de tension stabilisée.

L'émetteur IR a une tension de polarisation de 1,7 V et supporte jusqu'à 40 mA, il nécessite donc une résistance de 83 Ω. Avec 110 Ω, on obtient 30 mA. J'ai utilisé deux résistances de 220 Ω en parallèle lors du deuxième test.

Il faudrait essayer en utilisant une entrée analogique de l'Arduino et observer les variations de tension au bornes du capteur pour voir si on arrive à détecter le passage de l'aiguille.

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Friday, November 20th, 2009

Joy in the Morning

Categories: [ Books/Wodehouse ]

ISBN: 9780091745745

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Published in 1947.

Bertie meets by accident Florence Craye, to whom he once had been engaged. He then meets his school friend Stilton Cheesewright who just got engaged to Florence (and is very jealous). Jeeves then tells him that Lord Worplesdon, Florence's father and second husband of Bertie's Aunt Agatha, had asked him to go to his place at Steeple Bumpleigh to organise a secret meeting with J. Chichester Clam, an american businessman. Bertie is additionally asked by his friend Boko Fittleworth to help him getting Worplesdon's blessing to marry the lord's ward, Nobby Hopwood. Boko being a writer, Worplesdon the businessman is not going to give the permission easily, but since Worplesdon hates Bertie, the latter has no idea how to plead for him. In Steeple Bumpleigh, Bertie and Jeeves are given a cottage belonging to Worplesdon, which is going to be used as the meeting place. Alas, as soon as Bertie arrives, the place is burned down by Edwin, Worplesdon's pest of a son. One night, while Bertie was playing the burglar in order to allow Boko to save the day and get the favours of the Lord, the latter's meeting with Clam in the potting shed is aborted because the american is confused with a robber. Jeeves then suggests to convince Worplesdon and Clam to meet at the masked ball in the neighbouring town, something made possible since Aunt Agatha is currently away. Meanwhile, Florence gets angry at Stilton, and decides to get engaged to Bertie again, which makes Stilton angry and Bertie nervous, Stilton being the local policeman (a fact Florcence hates, since her father could have arranged for him to become a member of Parliament, but Stilton wants to make his own living). In trying to get Florence to break the engagement, Bertie kicks Edwin (an action that had allowed Boko to get Florence to break her engagement with him once), but Florence being annoyed by Edwin's latest actions finds this a good thing; Worplesdon however witnesses the scene and gets suddenly fond of Bertie. When Worplesdon finally manages to meet Clam at the ball and make business with him, Boko uses the fact that he's in a good mood to get his permission to marry Nobby. Eventually, Stilton resigns from the Police and gets engaged to Florence again.

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Tuesday, November 17th, 2009


Categories: [ TV/Cinema/James Bond ]



007 and 006 get trapped while planting explosives in a Sovietic chemical weapons facility. 007 escapes, but 006 is killed. Nine years later, Bond witnesses the theft of a new stealth helicopter, protected against electromagnetic interference. Soon after, a Siberian radar station is destroyed by an electromagnetic pulse, and satellite pictures reveal the presence of the helicopter. The weapon used is the GoldenEye, made of two one-time use satellites emiting such a pulse and destroying all electronics in an area of tens of kilometers. One satellite remains, and the key to the system has been stolen by a criminal known as Janus. Bond goes to St. Petersburg to meet Janus (using Janus' competing crime lord as an intermediary), and discovers him to be the Trevelyan, ex-006, who was a traitor and not dead after all. With the help of the mandatory girl, the sole survivor of the destruction of the Siberian station, Bond chases Trevelyan and manages to learn that the control station for the second GoldeEye satellite is in Cuba. Bond and the girl go there and manage to destroy the satellite before it being used on London. Trevelyan's plan was to rob the Bank of England electronically and then erase all traces with an electromagnetic pulse, at the same time avenging his parents' death, victims of the Betrayal of the Cossacks.

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Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Reindeer Droppings

Categories: [ Beer/Ridgeway ]


“sweet like California raisins, but bitter and pungent like a freshly peeled grapefruit”

I'm not sure about the raisins, but the smell has something of grapes, the taste is a bit grapefruity and quite bitter. Contains barley.

Ridgeway Brewing, Oxfordshire, England. 4.7% alcohol.

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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

The Inimitable Jeeves

Categories: [ Books/Wodehouse ]

ISBN: 9780091739874

© Amazon.fr

Published in 1923.

Bingo Little is once again in love, this time with a simple waitress. In order for his uncle to accept her, Jeeves suggests to read him stories by Rosie M. Banks which are full of such situations. To make it even more convincing, Bingo tells his uncle that Wooster is in really Rosie M. Banks. Eventually, the uncle marries his cook.

Aunt Agatha orders Bertie to join her in France, where she introduces him to a priest and his sister, whom she thinks will be a perfect wife for Wooster. The priest and the sister happen to be a pair of con artists who steal Agatha's pearls. Thankfully, Jeeves recognizes them and manages to recover the pearls.

Bingo is in love again, this time with Honoria Glossop. In order to attract her attention, he asks Wooster to take part in a scheme where Bertie would throw Honoria's insufferable little brother in the river and he would rescue him. But Bingo doesn't show up since he just fell in love with Honoria's friend, Bertie jumps into the water to save the boy, and Honoria, thinking he did this to impress her decides they are now engaged. Agatha is all for the union, but Honoria and her hate Jeeves. The latter uses the presence of Claude and Eustace, Bertie's cousins, to make Wooster look like a fool during a lunch with Honoria's father. Jeeves and Wooster flee to New York for a time.

In New York, Bertie meets Cyril Bassington-Bassington, sent by Aunt Agatha. He's supposed to stay away from theatrical circles, but he got hired for a play before Bertie could be told. Jeeves then gets Cyril kicked out of the play.

Bingo is in love again, this time with a communist girl, for whom he pretends to be communist too. Jeeves manages to make him look like a fraud, at the cost of a split between Bingo and his uncle (who pays him an allowance).

Bingo having no revenue anymore works in a village as a tutor. Claude and Eustace happen to be there too, and organise bets on which priest in the neigbouring villages will make the longest sermon. But they are thwarted by one other pupil there. Also, Bingo is once again in love, and once again he fails to catch the girl's heart. Next, Bingo and Wooster are betting on the outcome of races during the village's fair, but are thwarted again by the same man. Bingo, yet another girl, etc. Finally, yet another girl, Bingo organises the village's Christmas play to impress her. The representation is a failure becaue of the same person again, and because of bets on wheter Bingo would get the girl or not.

Claude and Eustace stay for the night at Bertie's before leaving to South Africa. During the night out, they meet a girl and refuse to leave. Jeeves finally makes them believe the girl is going to South Africa soon.

Finally, Bingo is on love again, but manages to marry the girl in a hurry. Wooster is sent to announce this to the uncle and restore the allowance. But the girl happens to be Rosie M. Banks, and the uncle calls here a liar. Eventually Jeeves solves the problem by telling them that Wooster is a complete looney.

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The Code of the Woosters

Categories: [ Books/Wodehouse ]

ISBN: 9780091739874

© Amazon.fr

Published in 1938.

Gussie Fink-Nottle presses Bertie Wooster to come and help him, because his engagement to Madeline Basset, Sir Watkin's daughter, is off. Wooster, afraid that if Madeline doesn't marry Gussie she would turn to him once again, goes for a visit at Totleigh Towers. Just before leaving, he is told by his Aunt Dahlia that she counts on him to steal a silver cow-creamer now in Sir Watkin's collection. Dahlia's husband had planned to buy it before Basset, but the latter tricked him. Since Dahlia's magazine's funding depends on her husband's mood, she has to get that cow creamer back. But as soon as Wooster arrives at Totleigh Towers, he is under suspicion of wanting to steal the silver piece by Roderick Spode, a brutal and wannabe Dictator friend of Sir Watkin's. Just after that, Gussie tells Wooster that he lost the booklet where he wrote all sorts of awful (but so true) things about Spode and Basset in order to give him the courage to make a speech at his coming wedding. If the booklet falls into the hands of the father of the bride, the wedding could be cancelled, and Bertie doesn't want that to happen. He soon learns that the booklet has been found by Stiffy Byng, Madeline's cousin who wants to marry Harold Pinker, the curate of the village. But Sir Watkyn would never agree on her marrying only a curate, so Stiffy is continuously scheming to get Harold accepted by her uncle. She wants Bertie to steal the cow-creamer and get Harold to stop the thief and retrieve the silver piece. Bertie refuses, but Stiffy blackmails him with the booklet. But Wooster being under constant surveillance by Spode, he would be the prime suspect automatically, so he cannot do it. Moreover, Stiffy doesn't like the village's constable, Oates, and asks Pinker to steal his helmet. Pinker first refuses, but finally does it by love for Stiffy. Finally, Dahlia steals herself the cow-creamer and gives it to Bertie to hide it, but Bertie knows that his room is going to be searched because Oates and Basset believe he has the stolen helmet. Then arrives Gussie who wants to flee the place with Wooster's car after Sir Watkin read the famous booklet, and Jeeves suggest to hide the cow creamer in a suitcase and give it to Gussie to deliver to Bertie's place in London. Oates and Sir Watkin search the room, find no cow creamer but do find the helmet (which had been hidden there by Stiffy) and want to throw Bertie into jail. Jeeves eventually manages to blackmail Spode (using Spode's secret, known by Jeeves from his gentlemen's gentlemen's club Book), already used earlier by Wooster to get Spode off his neck, to make him confess the theft of the helmet. In these circumstances, Oates' and Basset's search of the room is abusive, and Wooster threatens to sue Basset on that ground if he doesn't allow Stiffy's and Pinker's and Madeline's and Gussie's weddings, which Sir Watkin agrees upon.

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Thank You, Jeeves

Categories: [ Books/Wodehouse ]

ISBN: 9780091739874

© Amazon.fr

Published in 1934.

Bertram Wooster refuses to give up playing the banjolele, and is therefore forced to leave his appartment for a cottage at Chuffnell Regis, the small town of which his friend Chuffy is the lord. Since Jeeves disapproves of Wooster playing the banjolele, he gives him his notice and enters the service of Chuffy. Visiting Chuffy, Wooster meets with displeasure some of his former nemesis, Glossop, Stoker, and Stoker's daughter Pauline to whom he had been engaged for fourty-eight hours, before his father broke the engagement on Glossop's advice. Now Chuffy is madly in love with Pauline, and so is she with him, but Chuffy, completely broke, doesn't dare asking her to marry him before he manages to sell his estate to Stoker. The deal is verbally concluded, but soon broken again because of Wooster's attempt to force Chuffy to ask Pauline in marriage makes her father believe she is still infatuated with Wooster. Later, Pauline escapes her father's yacht and swims to the shore to rejoin Chuffy. She stops at Wooster's cottage to ask him for clothes, but Chuffy discovers her presence there and imagines it is Wooster she wanted to see instead of him. They then break up. After that, Wooster is invited by Stoker aboad his yacht and kept prisoner; he wants to force Wooster to marry his daughter. Thanks to Jeeves, who happened to be aboard the yacht, temporarily serving Stoker, Wooster escapes by blackening his face with boot polish in order to blend with the company of black minstrels who played aboard the yacht the same night. Wooster then returns to his cottage, only to see it burned down by his replacement butler, Brinkley. He then returns to Chuffy's house in the hope to find there butter, which is his only hop to get the boot polish off his face. After a complicated meeting between all the main characters, Stoker is somehow blackmailed in letting Pauline marry Chuffy. In the end, Jeeves becomes Wooster's butler once again.

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Right Ho, Jeeves

Categories: [ Books/Wodehouse ]

ISBN: 9780091745745

© Amazon.fr

Published in 1934.

Bertie is summoned to Brinkley Court by his Aunt Dahlia, who wants him to deliver a speech and give out end-of-year prizes to the pupils of the nearby Market Snodsbury Grammar School. Bertie is not enthousiasted at this prospect, but since his friend Gussie Fink-Nottle is desperately in love with Madeline Basset, a friend of Bertie's cousin Angela who happens to be staying at Brinkley Court, he sends Gussie there, presenting him to his aunt as the perfect man for the job. Bertie follows him shortly, only to find out that Angela had broken with her fiance Tuppy Glossop (who is also a friend of Bertie's). Various plots to reconcile the two lovebirds and help Gussie propose to Madeline fail miserably. Gussie, who never drank a drop of alcohol takes more than should have been reasonable in order to face the prize ceremony, eventually leading him to propose to Angela and getting Bertie engaged to Madeline against his will. Additionally, Anatole the French cook threatens to live, putting aunt Dahlia into a difficult situation with her husband. Given the catastrophic situation, Bertie finally accepts to try Jeeve's plan to ring the fire bell after midnight, in the hope that the right gentlemen would run to save the right ladies in distress. The plan utterly fails, and since someone closed the door shut while the keys were inside and all the servants out at a dance nine miles away, Bertie, being the only one still properly clothed, is sent out by force on a bicyle to go and fetch the backdoor key from the butler at the dance. The butler tells him that he doesn't have the key, since he gave it to Jeeves before leaving. After riding back, Jeeves explains that his actual plan was to focus eveybody's animosity onto one person, Bertie, so that they would forget their differences. The plot worked, Gussie and Madeline are finally engaged, Tuppy and Angela are reconciled and Anatole has accepted to withdraw his notice.

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Friday, November 6th, 2009

Caledonian Deuchars

Categories: [ Beer/Caledonian ]


“Brewed with a blend of Golden Promise and Optic malts […] Fuggles, Willamette and Styrian Golding whole hop flowers […] dry hop flavours, with hints of fresh citrus and a floral finish”

Very flowery smell, yeasty taste, moderately bitter. Contains wheat and barley.

Caledonian Brewery, Edinburgh, Scotland. 4.4% alcohol.

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