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Sunday, January 29th, 2023

Cocotella 3

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J'ai essayé de remplacer les 25 g de glucose de la recette précédente par 25 g de sirop de glucose. On remarque toujours des cristaux de glace.

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Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged Me

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After having escaped, Dr. Evil comes back and goes back in time to 1969 to steal his mojo, which Austin suddenly notices in his present 1999. MOD sends Austin back to 1969 where he meets CIA agent Felicity Shagwell. Together they interrogate an assassin hired by Dr. Evil who reveals the existence of the super-villain volcano lair. They then identify Evil's agent who stole Austin's mojo, Fat Bastard. Felicity is tasked by MOD to implant a tracking device in Fat Bastard by any means necessary, but that device only lead them to a public toilet where they can take a stool sample revealing the presence of a plant that exists only on a single volcano island. Austin and Felicity arrive on the island and are made prisoner. Evil leaves for the moon where he has built a giant laser that he uses to extort money from the US government under threat of destroying Washington. Austin and Felicity then fly to the Moon on an Apollo rocket where Austin fights Mini-Me, Evil's miniature clone, and throws him into space. Austen then has to chose between saving Felicity or the world. She tells Austin to save the world, but is killed. Evil suggests that Austin could use the time machine to go back in time 10 minutes and save Felicity, but as there are now two Austins, they manage to save both Felicity and the world. Evil initiates the base's self-destruct and destroys Austin's mojo, but Felicity points out that all the things he succeeded in doing prove that he had never actually lost it. They travel back to 1999, where Fat Bastard reappears and fails to kill Austin. Dr. Evil's rocket recovers Mini-Me.

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Tuesday, January 24th, 2023


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ISBN: 9781529014495

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The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate

In an Arabian Nights universe, an Alchemist has built a gate that allows a person to visit his past or future and come back. The narrator re-tells stories he heard from the alchemist about failed attempts to change one's future. He then continues with his own story where he tries to save his wife in the past, but he arrives too late.


An intelligent mechanical man powered by pressured air analyses his own brain to discover how memory works. It learns that there it is stored as air pressure differentials, and therefore gets reset when the pressure drops and the man dies. Unexpected slowness in mechanical clocks also indicates that the (closed) world's air pressure is increasing all the time and will eventually be balanced with the pressure of the source of pressured air, causing the death of all inhabitants.

What's Expected of Us

A gadget that can predict when you are going to press its unique button cause a third of the population to realize free will does not exist and fall into deep depression.

The Lifecycle of Software Objects

A company makes digients, virtual pets that can grow and evolve like animals, but with speech. Their care takes commitment, and many are just suspended, but a small group still treat them like living beings and see them grow. When the virtual universe for which they were developed is shut down, they search for a company willing to fund the porting of the digients' code to another virtual universe. They eventually accept the offer of an adult entertainment company who proposes to develop sexuality in the digients.

Dacey's Patent Automatic Nanny

In Victorian times, Dacey develops a device meant to raise infants. When one explodes, Dacey's company goes bankrupt. His son Lionel adopts an infant in 1932 and raises him with such a device for the first two years, but the child, Edmund, was later diagnosed as feeble-minded and suffering of social dwarfism, attributed to the use of the device. But when put back in presence of the device, he started to grow and reach a normal size.

The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Feeling

A journalist is set to write an article criticizing devices that can record a person's life continuously and allow to consult the recording instantly, partly replacing human memory. He discovers that memories of his daughter being a terrible teenager were wrong and that he had in fact been a bad father to her.

The Great Silence

Parrots in Arecibo talk about their culture and mythology, hoping humans will learn to understand them before they get extinct.


In a universe where Earth has really been created only a few millennia earlier, an archaeologist discovers that the daughter of an astronomer has stolen fossils showing evidence of the Creation and put them to sale at a very low price. When asked for her motives, she explained that her father as peer reviewed an article showing that there is another Earth-like planet in the sky, that is not moving relatively to the Ether, indicating that this Earth is only an experiment and that the other one is really God's Earth. She wanted people to be able to experience themselves the evidence of the Creation before learning that God probably cares only for the other Earth.

Anxiety is the Dizziness of Freedom

The Prism is a device that uses a quantum phenomenon to create two branches of reality and exchange information (text, audio, video) between the two branches. People use Prisms to know how their lives could have been, and some become addicts. Nat's boss asks her to convince Lyle, the member of a support group for such addicts to sell his Prism so that she can resell it to a celebrity whose husband died in this universe, but who died in the parallel reality of Lyle's Prism. Nat also learns that Dana, the therapist who organises the meetings, had drifted apart from her best friend who had became a petty criminal, and that she blames herself for that. As Nat's boss is murdered, Nat is remorseful and uses the money to buy evidence from several parallel realities that Dana's friend would have become a criminal whatever choice Dana would have made.

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Friday, January 13th, 2023

Chocolat 3

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Une autre variante de la précédente glace au chocolat qui n'était pas si bonne que ça. Celle-ci contient moins de chocolat et davantage de cacao en poudre, ainsi que trop de lait, parce que j'ai versé trop vite.


  • 75 g sucre
  • 29 g cacao (Barry Extra Brut)
  • 1 œuf
  • 300 g lait entier (au lieu de 273 g prévus)
  • 74 g chocolat noir (72% de cacao)


Dans un bol, mélanger le sucre, le lait en poudre et le cacao. Dans une casserole, l'œufs et le foutter un peu avant d'ajouter le mélange de sucre et de foutter. Ajouter le lait, foutter pour mélanger, puis chauffer tout en remuant continuellement. Arrêter lorsque la température atteint 80 °C. Faire fondre le chocolat (2 minutes et demi au micro-ondes) puis le délayer avec la crème. Laisser refroidir 24h au réfrigérateur. Passer à la sorbetière.


Cette version est plus chocolatée que la précédente. On verra ce que ça donne après un temps de conservation plus long au congélateur.

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Saturday, January 7th, 2023

Stories of Your Life and Others

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ISBN: 9781529039436

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Tower of Babylon

A tower has been built over many centuries in Babylon, reaching the sky. When miners reach the top and start opening the sky, most are drown in a flood, but one manages to climb up and emerges on the ground, outside the city.


Leon's brain is repaired after an accident, giving him to know the world accurately and predict people's reactions, starting to control the world in the shadows. He's eventually contacted by another person with the same ability who beats him at his own game.

Division by Zero

A mathematician manages to correctly prove that one equals two and goes into depression as mathematics don't make sense anymore.

Story of Your Life

Louse, a linguist, starts to learn the language of extra-terrestrials who just landed on Earth. The spoken language has no relation to the written form, which requires to know in advance what will be written. This gives Louise the ability to see the future, including the death at 25 of her yet-unborn daughter, but that is not preventing her from having a baby.

Seventy-two Letters

In a world where words animate statues (Golem-style), Stratton tries to find words allowing to build dextrous machines that could replace humans in complex labour, but is opposed by the workers who build the statues. He meets researchers who have discovered that men will become sterile after a few generations and is asked to work with them on a word that, once printed onto a women's ovum, would make it evolve into a human. As this would lead to eugenics and the control of the population by a few people, he instead has the idea of hiding inside the word the commands for the evolved ovum to create ova where the word is already printed.

The Evolution of Human Science

A scientific article describing human science after meta-humans have appeared and develop science without communicating with humans anymore, the latter focusing on understanding what the formers have discovered.

Hell is the Absence of God

In a world where angels regularly appear on Earth, perform miracle cures but also kill people in the process, Neil's wife Sarah is one such victim. Neil is struggling because he wants to start believing in God so that he would rejoin her in Paradise, but doing so for selfish reasons would ensure he won't succeed. Neil eventually becomes a believer when touched by an angelic apparition's fire (which is a sure way to start believing unconditionally), dies from his wounds and still goes to Hell (which is just like regular life for non-believers).

Liking What You See: A Documentary

As marketing has been abusing the humans' weakness to trust beautiful people, a neural switch has been discovered that can reversibly cause calliagnosia and become unable to distinguish beauty from ugliness in people. A university is considering making calli a requirement, but the debate is biased by the lobby of cosmetics manufacturers who uses minute visual enhancements to make its spokesperson more convincing, leading the rejection of the pro-calli proposal, and displacing the original problem with marketing.

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