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Sunday, December 30th, 2018

L'affaire Olympia

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ISBN: 9782746506985

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Depuis dix ans, Apolline et sa famille se rendent chaque année sur la tombe d'Henri Poincaré, conformément au testament de Théodore Folifou, leur arrière-grand-père. Pour la première fois, son petit frère Pierrot comprend le sens caché du testament, qui les mène à l'académie Olympia, fondée à l'origine par Einstein pour discuter du travail de Poincaré. Par la suite, cette académie est devenu un service secret ayant pour mission d'empêcher l'utilisation des découvertes scientifiques à des fins néfastes, surtout durant la guerre froide. Accompagnés de leur grand-mère, la fille de Folifou, ils sont invités à rejoindre les rangs de l'académie s'ils arrivent à résoudre des énigmes mathématiques dans la ville de Paris. Apolline est attaquée durant l'une des épreuve et on lui vole les énigmes de la journée, ce qui, à cause du règlement strict, met fin à leurs chances d'entrer à l'académie. Plusieurs mois plus tard, Pierrot découvre un nouvel indice dans le testament, ce qui met l'équipe sur les traces de l'agresseur d'Apolline. Un indice laissé par un des quatre membres actuels de l'académie les met sur la piste d'une mystérieuse cellule Babylone, dirigée par la mère d'Apolline. Cette dernière explique qu'avec l'explosion des découvert scientifiques et des technologies, l'académie Olympia avait perdu sa légitimité à décider seule de ce qui est bon ou mauvais et le rôle de la cellule était de laisser fuiter les informations vers le public afin que les décision soient prises par le peuple plutôt que par un petit comité. Le testament de Folifou et la résolution de ses énigmes marque la fusion de l'académie Olympia et de la cellule Babylone.

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Saturday, December 22nd, 2018

Donut Island Frisco Disco

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Katkera, vähän greipin mäkuinen. Sisälttää ohrasmallasta.

Valmistaja: Panimo Hiisi. 6.2% alkoholia.

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Sunday, December 16th, 2018

St. Austell Proper Job

Categories: [ Beer/St Austell ]


Very flowery, a bit fruity. Contains malted barley.

St Austell brewery, St Austell, Cornwall, England. 5.5% alcohol.

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Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

Wild Beer Company Modus Operandi

Categories: [ Beer/The Wild Beer Company ]


“a balance of Burgundy red wine and Kentucky Bourbon… toffee and caramel… sour and sweet cherry notes… dark chocolate… balsamic character”

Quite sour, more wine than beer, with something of Madeira wine. Contains malted barley and malted wheat.

The Wild Beer Co., Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England. 7% alcohol.

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Saturday, December 1st, 2018


Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Since the dawn of times, Minions have been serving villains, with more or less success, often less. Unable to find a new boss, they hide in a cave but eventually get depressed. Kevin, Stuart and Bob then decide to get out of the cave and find a new boss. The eventually arrive in New York, where they accidentally hear about a villain convention in Orlando, to which they hitchhike a ride. They manage to get hired by Scarlet Overkill, who takes them with her to London. She then sends them to steal the imperial crown from the Tower of London, but during the escape, Stuart accidentally pulls Excalibur from the Stone, and is crowned king. Confronted by Scarlet Overkill, Stuart abdicates in her favour. Later, they accidentally interrupt the coronation ceremony, and Scarlet orders them to be killed. Chased by all the criminals in the city, Bob and Stuart are caught, but Kevin manages to use the ultimate weapon invented by Scarlet's husband to turn himself into giant Minion and save his friends. In the meanwhile, the rest of the Minion tribe has arrived in London, having been notified earlier that a new boss had been found. The Minions then attend a ceremony where the reinstated Queen thanks Kevin, Stuart and Bob. Scarlet reappears and steals the crown, but she is frozen in place and a young Gru takes the crown from her hand before leaving. The minions follow him, having now found a new boss.

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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Categories: [ TV/Cinema/Fantastic Beasts ]



After having been arrested in the USA, Grindelwald is transferred to Europe to be tried there for his crimes, but manages to escape. In London, Newt Scamander refuses to join the Aurors to help his brother Theseus get a hold on Credence, recently seen in Paris, meaning he is still banned from travelling abroad. But Dumbledore convinces him to go search for Credence,, whom Grindelwald believes to be the only wizard powerful enough to kill Dumbledore (the two wizards being unable to fight each other due to a blood oath they had taken when they were young). Soon after Queenie and Jacob arrive in London, telling Newt that Tina is in Paris searching for Credence, but Queenie leaves for Paris after a quarrel. Newt and Jacob then travel to Paris where they find the trace of Credence who has been working in a freak show. They then find Yusuf, who has taken a vow to kill Credence, as his father has caused the death of Yusuf's mother. Newt and Tina infiltrate the Ministry of Magic looking for proofs of the identity of Credence. Instead they find a lead to the Père Lachaise cemetery where a family tree in Yusuf's family tomb reveals that Credence is not Yusuf's half brother, having been exchanged as a baby, said half-brother being now dead. At the cemetery they join a political rally by Grindelwald who uses images from the future World War II to convince wizards to take power from teh muggles to prevent the war from happening. Credence and Queenie join Grindelwald, and the heroes barely manage to prevent the destruction of Paris by magic fire. In the end, Grindelwald reveals to Credence that he is Dumbledore's lost brother, and Newt gives Dumbledore an artefact stolen from Grindelwald that may allow to break the blood oath.

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Sunday, November 25th, 2018

Hiisi Nuutti

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Categories: [ Beer/Hiisi ]


“Pehmeän polttava, suklaisen kahvinen ja vaniljainen.”

Tuoksuu kahville ja vaniljalle, vähäntulinen. Sisälttää ohramallasta.

Panimoyhtiö Hiisi, Jyväskylä, Suomi. 5.7% alkoholia.

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Thursday, November 15th, 2018

Margin Call

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



A short time before the subprime crisis, an investment bank notices that their MBS investments are becoming more risky, their volatility having multiple times exceeded the acceptable risk inverval defined by the model. In the course of the night, the CEO comes in, is explained the situation and eventually takes the decision to sell all their MBS assets in the next morning, knowing very well that it will cause a crash in the values of those securities and get the whole financial world to hate them.

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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

New Police Story

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Chan is a police officer in Hong Kong. With his team, he attempts to arrest a gang of robbers who seem to be more interesting in the robbing than in the money they steal, and who also have a particular hatred for the police. Chan's team quickly discovers they have been led into a trap, and all but Chan are attacked in a vicious way, Chan being force to play with the gangsters in the hope to save some of his men, including his soon-to-be brother in law. The gangsters having no intention of letting him win, all are killed, and Chan gets depressed, drunk and on extended leave from his work. Some day Frank, a young policeman, appears, claims to be Chan's new partner, and manages to get him motivated to restart the investigation about the gang of robbers. Thanks to a clue from the first encounter with the gang, they find the robbers who manage to escape after wreaking havoc in the city. The duo is arrested, but allowed to escape and receive unofficial help from their colleagues. Soon after, Chan's ex-fiancée whom Frank convinced him to reacquaint with is almost killed by a bomb sent by the gang. The robbers have also published a video game where the goal is to rob various places they have already (and not yet) robbed and kill the policemen, thanks to which they discover the location of the next attack. Chan eventually manages to get them arrested or killed. In the end we learn that Frank is not a policeman, but as a child he had been shown kindness by Chan a when his father had been killed by accident after stealing food.

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Monday, October 22nd, 2018


Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Wade Wilson is a mercenary. He falls in love with Vanessa, but soon after is diagnosed with terminal cancer. A shady character offers to cure him if he joins an experimental treatment. Wilson eventually accepts, and his body gets stressed to the extreme by Ajax in order to make potential mutant genes express themselves. When this happens, he gets the ability to regenerate parts of his body from almost any wound, but becomes hideously disfigured. He destroys the laboratory but Ajax, who taunted Wilson by telling him he could revert his disfigurement but would not do it, escapes. Wilson is convinced that Vanessa would reject him if she sees him, so he becomes a vigilante named Deadpool spending his time hunting down Ajax in the hope for a cure. Deadpool intercepts Ajax and destroys the convoy of armed men, but Ajax escapes as two X-Men stop him. Ajax then finds and kidnaps Vanessa, and Deadpool asks for the help of the X-Men to rescue her. Deadpool captures Ajax and kills him after he revealed that there is actually no cure. Although angry at his earlier disappearance, Vanessa reconciles with Wilson.

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Sunday, October 14th, 2018

Brewdog Native Son

Categories: [ Beer/Brewdog ]


“fruity hop aromas… Citrus peel, resinous pine and freshly cut grass with juicy fruit notes… caramel malts and a bitter baseline”

Very sweet and strong, fruity, slightly roasted. Contains malted barley.

BrewDog plc, Ellon, Scotland. 8.5% alcohol

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Monday, October 8th, 2018

Planet 51

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Chuck, a NASA astronaut lands on Planet 51, where little green men live in a society close to the 1950s USA. They immediately fear the alien, believing him to turn people into zombies, and attempt to arrest him. He is hidden by Lem, an astronomy geek, and his sci-fi enthusiastic friend Skiff, and soon joined by Rover, a autonomous robot sent ahead for collecting rock samples, who escapes the museum where it was on display when detecting the presence of the astronaut. Chuck and Rover are eventually taken away by the army to Base 9, but saved by Lem, Skiff and their friends as the local mad scientist was about to surgically remove Chuck's brain. Army General Grawl finally understands that he needs not be afraid of the unknown, and they all leave the self-destructing Base 9 with Chuck's lander. When all are safe home, Chuck flies back to Earth.

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Hiisi Bears, Beets & Battle Stars

Categories: [ Beer/Hiisi ]


“maanläheistä rouheutta punajuurista sekä havuista aromi kuusenkerkästä ja Simcoe-humaloista”

Kirpeä, tuoksuu kukkoille ja kuusenkerkälle. Sisältää ohramallasata ja kauramallsta.

Panimoyhtiö Hiisi, Jyväskylä, Suomi. 5.5% alkoholia.

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Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Le charme discret de l'intestin

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ISBN: 9782330086183

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Les bactéries de l'intestin, essentiellement dans la fin du gros intestin, jouent un rôle majeur dans le fonctionnement de l'organisme, non seulement en transformant des aliments que l'intestin ne peut absorber directement, produisant ainsi des glucides, des lipides essentiels et des vitamines, mais aussi en produisant des hormones qui peuvent affecter l'humeur et la santé, tant du corps que de l'esprit. La bonne santé du microbiote intestinal permet d'éviter l'installation de bactéries nocives, et cette bonne santé dépend grandement de l'alimentation.

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Monday, October 1st, 2018

The Maltese Falcon

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



In 1941 San Francisco, Sam Spade's detective agency is hired to track Floyd Thursby, getting Sam's partner killed while staking him out. Spade tracks down his client who goes by the name of Brigid O'Shaughnessy, and agrees to investigate Thursby's murder. Sam is then contacted by Cairo, who offers him money to find a black statuette of a bird. Spade soon suspects that O'Shaughnessy and Cairo know each other. The next day Sam notices being followed by a young man, Wilmer, and arranges a meeting with the man's boss, Gutman. The man eventually reveals to Spade he has been tracking for years a very valuable falcon's statuette, that has been changing hands for centuries. Gutman then drugs Spade and disappears, and when the latter wakes up, he finds a clue taking him to a burning freighter in the harbour. Soon after, the captain of the ship, mortally wounded, arrives at Spade's office and drops a bundle containing the Maltese Falcon. Spade hides the package after receiving a distressed call from O'Shaughnessy, and returns to his apartment, finding all the protagonists waiting for him. Gutman is ready to buy the Falcon, and Spade haggles to get Wilmer to be turned to the police for the murders of Thursby and the captain. At dawn, Sam calls his secretary, asking her to bring the package. Upon unwrapping it, Gutman discovers it's a worthless copy; its owner, from whom O'Shaughnessy and Thursby had stolen the Falcon in Istanbul, had understood its worth from Gutman's insistence at buying it and replaced it with a copy. Gutman and Cairo leave to continue their quest for the Falcon while Spade calls the police to pick up Wilmer. He also gets O'Shaughnessy arrested for the murder of his partner, despite his feelings for her.

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Saturday, September 29th, 2018

Robin Hood

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Richard Lionheart dies in France on his way back to England from the crusade. His knight, Robert Locksley carries his crown back to his brother John, but is killed in an ambush by Godfrey, a traitor working for the king Philippe of France. The ambush fails thanks to Robin Longstride, a deserter, who agrees to bring the crown to John. Pretending to be Robert Locksley, Robin delivers the crown, then goes to Nottingham to bring Locksley's sword back to his father. The father convinces Robin to stay under the assumed identity, and gradually falls in love with Marian, Robert's widow. When King John's taxmen come and take the last of the estate's grain, Robin ambushes them to recover and sow it. In the meanwhile, King John has named his friend Godfrey the new minister of finances, but the latter pillages the north of England with French soldiers in disguise, to upset the barons and turn them against King John, weakening the country and allowing King Philippe to invade England. When King John comes in the North to hear the barons' complaints, Robin convinces them to unite and prevent the invasion. The barons accept, in exchange for King John's promise to sign a charter defining the people's right, and together they manage to push the French army back as they debark. But King John later goes back on his promise, and declares Robin an outlaw. With Marian and a few friends, he takes refuge in the forest of Sherwood.

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The London Beer Factory Berliner Heist

Categories: [ Beer/The London Beer Factory ]


Strong raspberry smell, quite sour and slightly bitter. Contains malted barley and malted wheat.

The London Beer Factory, London, England. 3.5% alcohol.

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Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

Brewdog Elvis Juice

Categories: [ Beer/Brewdog ]


“grapefruit, orange and peach…”

A definite taste of orange and grapefruit. Contains malted barley.

BrewDog plc, Ellon, Scotland. 6.5% alcohol

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Friday, September 7th, 2018

Jour 8

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Categories: [ Cooking/Nouvelle cuisine ]

nouvelle_cuisine_2018-09-07_1 nouvelle_cuisine_2018-09-07_2 nouvelle_cuisine_2018-09-07_3

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Thursday, September 6th, 2018

Jour 7

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Categories: [ Cooking/Nouvelle cuisine ]

nouvelle_cuisine_2018-09-06_1 nouvelle_cuisine_2018-09-06_2

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Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

Jour 6

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Categories: [ Cooking/Nouvelle cuisine ]

nouvelle_cuisine_2018-09-05_1 nouvelle_cuisine_2018-09-05_2

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Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

Jour 5

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Categories: [ Cooking/Nouvelle cuisine ]

nouvelle_cuisine_2018-09-04_1 nouvelle_cuisine_2018-09-04_2

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Monday, September 3rd, 2018

Jour 4

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Categories: [ Cooking/Nouvelle cuisine ]

nouvelle_cuisine_2018-09-03_1 nouvelle_cuisine_2018-09-03_2

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Friday, August 31st, 2018

Jour 3

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Categories: [ Cooking/Nouvelle cuisine ]

nouvelle_cuisine_2018-08-31_1 nouvelle_cuisine_2018-08-31_2

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Thursday, August 30th, 2018

Jour 2

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Categories: [ Cooking/Nouvelle cuisine ]


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Wednesday, August 29th, 2018

Jour 1

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Categories: [ Cooking/Nouvelle cuisine ]

nouvelle_cuisine_2018-08-29_1 nouvelle_cuisine_2018-08-29_2

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Monday, August 27th, 2018

Absolutely Anything

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Neil is a British elementary school teacher and is in love with his neighbour Catherine. One day he is given absolute power by the “galactic council”, a quatuor of aliens who test whether other species are fit to join the council. Those who are not fit are destroyed; until now, no species has joined the council. The tests consists is testing a random human for ten days and see if he is able to use the power for doing good. Neil quickly understands that he got the power, and that they don't always produce the intended effect (his friend Ray asked him to make miss Pringle worship him, and she actually started a religion about Ray). Neil also gives his dog Dennis the ability to talk and think rationally. The source of the power malfunctions just as he believes he makes Catherine fall in love with him. In reality Catherine already had feelings for Neil, but she is put off when she believes Dennis (whom she has heard but not seen) is Neil's boyfriend. In the meanwhile, Catherine's ex-boyfriend, a US Army colonel, is in town hoping to reconquer her heart. When he discovers Neil's abilities, he kidnaps him and force him to do his bidding. He is saved by Ray and Catherine but Catherine refuses to see him again when she learns he used the power to make her fall in live with him. After failing to commit suicide, Neil gives his power to Dennis, who uses it to destroy its source just as the aliens are about to destroy the Earth. The story starts from the beginning again but having retained some memories, Neil finally dares asking Catherine to dinner, which she agrees to.

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Saturday, August 25th, 2018

Ancienne cuisine

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Categories: [ Cooking/Nouvelle cuisine ]

nouvelle_cuisine_2018-08-25_1 nouvelle_cuisine_2018-08-25_2

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Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

Tas de meubles

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Categories: [ Cooking/Nouvelle cuisine ]

nouvelle_cuisine_2018-08-23_1 nouvelle_cuisine_2018-08-23_2

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Sunday, August 19th, 2018

Hiisi Otus

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Categories: [ Beer/Hiisi ]



Tosi hedelmäinen. Sisältää ohrasmallasta ja ruismallasta.

Panimoyhtiö Hiisi, Jyväskylä, Suomi. 6.2% alkoholia.

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Thursday, August 16th, 2018

The Sting

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Hooker and Luther are grifters in 1936 Chicago. After unknowingly conning a large sum of money from a mobster conveying it to his boss, Luther is murdered. Hooker escapes and seeks Gondorff who can teach him the greatest cons. They both agree to trick Lonnegan the mob boss who ordered Luther's murder. They setup a horse betting parlor where the horse race comments are read from a telegraph receiver, and make Lonnegan believe they have an arrangement with a Western Union employee who provides the race comments with a few minutes delay so that it is possible to bet on the winning horse before the race appears to be starting in the parlor. After a first successful attempt, Lonnegan bets a large sum belonging to the bank he works for. At this moment, a fake FBI agent appears, pretends to kill Hooker and Gondorff, and Lonnegan is taken out “to avoid scandal”, forced to leave his money behind.

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Friday, July 27th, 2018

La formule du savoir

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Categories: [ Books ]

ISBN: 9782759822607

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Étant données une probabilité a priori qu'une théorie est vraie et une observation, le théorème de Bayes permet de calculer une probabilté a posteriori qui prend en compte cette observation. Il permet donc d'affiner la crédence (un anglicisme, on devrait parler du « crédit accordé à ») d'une théorie, sa plausibilité, au vu des observations. Bien que simple, le théorème de Bayes à cependant un grand nombre d'applications même si des statisticiens célèbres l'ont par le passé honni parce qu'il fait appel à un a priori alors que la recherche d'objectivité en sciences devrait bannir tout a priori pour ne se concentrer que sur les faits. Dans la pratique cependant, un scientifique demandera un grand nombre de contre-exemples avant de rejeter une théorie fondamentale sur laquelle reposent un grand nombre d'autres théories et d'applications : il s'agit bien là d'un a priori, d'une crédence très élevée de cette théorie fondamentale.

Depuis ce temps, le bayesianisme a lentement fait sont entrée dans les sciences, en particulier dans les domaines de l'intelligence artificielle dont nombre de théories sont fondées sur le théorème de Bayes, et dans les sciences cognitives : il semblerait que cerveau soit une machine à faire des inférences bayesiennes. Étrange donc que lorsqu'on fait un raisonnement explicite, on ait tellement de mal à appliquer ledit théorème.

En dehors des cas très simples, le théorème de Bayes est impossible à appliquer, car il requiert de prendre en compte les crédences de toutes les théories alternatives à la théorie étudiée, et ceci est impossible. La complexité de Solomonoff (ou de Kolmogorov) d'une théorie étant définie comme la longueur minimale du programme informatique qui permet de calculer la crédence de cette théorie (en acceptant la thèse de Church-Turing selon laquelle tout l'univers peut être simulé par un machine de Turing universelle et un programme adéquat, et que toute théorie peut être représentée par une suite de bits selon la théorie de l'information de Shannon), certaines théories ont des complexités comparables à la taille de l'univers visible. Il est donc nécessaire de calculer des approximations des crédences de ces théories, et c'est ce que font le cerveau et certains algorithmes d'intelligence artificielle.

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Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

Advertisement on the Web

Categories: [ Grumbling ]

The economic value of a Youtube video

The Youtube platform has been designed for the purpose of making all of its videos are available to anyone at anytime. Given its large amount of content, its suggestion algorithm and the ability to automatically play the next suggested video, a user of Youtube can consider that the stream of videos he wants to watch is limitless. This makes the stream a nonscarce resource i.e., a free good which, from an economics point of view has no value.

Asking users to pay for watching videos would indeed be a bad business move for Youtube, as many user would refuse to pay for watching content they currently get at no cost. Even the Youtube Red subscription, according to an Ars Technica article and related user comments, seems to be valuable not for it exclusive content, but for the extra features provided by the mobile player (download for offline viewing and background playing). Interestingly, these features are already provided by non-standard software, which is freely available. The exclusive content being apparently of little interest according to the article, the subscription seems to rather be “tax” on people who don't know they could legitimately get the same service for free.

Youtube being a business, it needs to get revenue, at least to support the cost of its large IT infrastructure. Since users are not charged any money, Youtube's revenue comes (exclusively?) from advertising (I guess that the collection of user behavioural data and their profiling is also sold to advertisers). Youtube's content therefore has value only insofar as it attracts potential consumers and exposes them to advertisement. The content itself does not matter to the platform, as long as users are drawn to it.

This is thus the foundation of the Web platforms and the Attention Economy, where the users' attention is the actual product being sold by the platforms. User profiling and Big Data is only a tool used for maximising the amount of attention being captured.

Advertisers are gamblers, you don't need to let them win

In 2004, Patrick Le Lay, then CEO of the French TV channel TF1 said “what we sell to Coca-Cola is available human brain-time.” One aspect of this is that TV channels sell advertisers the opportunity to reach the channel's viewers and attempt to influence them into buying the advertised products.

From the point of view of the advertisers, it is a gamble: they bet money (the cost of producing the TV commercial and the price paid to the TV channel to show the commercial) and hope to gain from it (when viewers buy their products because they have seen the commercial and have been influenced by it). This gamble is two-fold: the viewers may or may not see the commercial, and they may or may not be receptive to the influence techniques used in the commercial.

In social media, advertisement can be considered from the same angle: the website sells advertisers display space on its pages, and the advertisers gamble that users of the website will see the commercial and be influenced by it.

While everybody agrees that you don't have a moral obligation to buy a product after you have seen a commercial, it seems less obvious that you don't either have any moral obligation to view the commercial. For example, you could close your eyes and plug your ears to ignore the commercial; you could even use tools that automatically hide the commercial from you.

Putting the advertisers' money to uses I approve of

As I want to protect myself from the influence of advertisers, I normally use automated tools that prevent me from seeing advertisement. I record television programs and skip the commercials (automatically when the tool works as intended, otherwise manually), and I use ad blockers in my Web browser to prevent commercials from being displayed on my screen.

The difference between TV and the Web is that the TV channel gets paid for broadcasting the commercials and cannot control whether or not I skip them while advertisers on the Web pay the websites only if the commercial is being fetched i.e., only if I allow the Web browser under my control to display the commercial. In that case, my preferred solution would be to fetch the commercial as if it would be displayed, without actually displaying it. And since advertisers not only display commercials but also track the users across websites, it is necessary to isolate each commercial so that the tracking is not possible.

I would not normally care about websites not being paid by their advertisers, but in the particular case of Youtube, I use tools that allow me to watch content without having to view any commercial, meaning that the content's creators cannot hope to get payment from Youtube. I therefore dream of a tool that would allow me to channel advertisers' money to the content creators without having to view any commercial, thus letting the advertisers gamble, but strongly shifting the odds of this gamble in my favor. I consider this to be retribution for the advertisers' attempt at influencing me for their profit.

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Saturday, July 7th, 2018

L'autre monde, cycle III, tome 2

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Categories: [ Books/Comics ]

ISBN: 9782353258208

© Amazon.fr

Second tome du trosième cycle, publié en 2018.

Les enfants découvrent qu'ils sont passés dans un monde parallèle, royaume du Père Fouettard. Le professeur, qui les cherche dans le palais du Père Noël mange les mêmes bonbons et finit par les retrouver. Menés devant le tribunal du Père Fouettard, Il reconnait la voix de ce deernier, qui n'est autre que le Père Noël. Ils repartent tout vers le premier monde, retrouvent Jan et Blanche, et repartent ramener les enfants à leurs parents.

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Sunday, June 24th, 2018

Hiisi Itse

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Categories: [ Beer/Hiisi ]


“hapatettu talon omalla lactobacillusjuurella, käytetty belgialaisen saisonhiivan ja brettanomyces clausseniin blendillä ja maustettu karviaismarjoilla”

Kirpeä ja karvasta, tuoksuu marjoilta. Sisältää ohrasmallasta, vehnämallasta ja kauraa.

Panimoyhtiö Hiisi, Jyväskylä, Suomi. 6.0% alkoholia.

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Sunday, June 17th, 2018

Magic Rock Dark Arts

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Just another stout. Contains malted barley.

Magic Rock, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England. 6.0% alcohol.

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Friday, June 15th, 2018

Solo: A Star Wars Story

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On Corellia, Han and Qi'ra are forced to work for a gang in order to survive. The day Han manages to steal a sample of coaxium, the precious hyperspace fuel, they use it as bribe in an attempt to escape the planet. Qi'ra is taken back, but Han enrolls in the Imperial Flight Academy under the name Solo, promising himself to get a ship and come back for her. Three years later, expelled from the Academy and fighting as an infantryman, he attempts to join Beckett's gang, thieves posing as soldiers. Beckett gets him thrown in the pit to be eaten by the beast, a wookie named Chewbacca whom Han befriends; they escape together and are finally accepted in Beckett's gang, who needs hands for his next heist: stealing a shipment of coaxium from an imperial train. The mission almost succeeds, but they are attacked by Enfys Nest's Cloud Riders, and the precious cargo is lost, getting Beckett's wife killed in the process. Han and Beckett then meet with Crimson Dawn's crime boss Dryden Vos who had ordered the heist, and to save their lives they promise to find unrefined coaxium from Kessel. Vos sends his lieutenant with them, who is none other than Qi'ra, who apparently made a career in organized crime. Needing a ship, they meet famous smuggler Lando Calrissian. Han challenges Lando to a game of sabacc for his ship, the Millenium Falcon. Lando wins by cheating, but agrees to join them for a share of the profit. They manage to steal the coaxium on Kessel by wreaking havoc at the mine, freeing all the slave workers. Coaxium is very unstable, and since they have lost much time at the mine, they are forced to find a shortcut through the maelstrom to evade an imperial blockade. Making the Kessel run in less than 20 parsec, they reach the planet Savareen where the fuel can be refined and stabilized. There they meet Enfys Nest again, who explains that they are rebels fighting against Crimson Dawn and the Empire. Solo is willing to give them the precious coaxium and trick Vos, but Beckett double-crosses him. Qi'ra fights and kills her boss, and sends Han after Beckett, whom he kills before getting killed. In the meanwhile, Qi'ra takes control of Crimson Dawn and leaves Han alone. Some time later, he meets Lando again, and wins the Falcon at sabacc. Han and Chewbacca leave for Tatooine where a gangster is putting together a smuggling operation.

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Near the end of a mission on the Hubble space telescope, a large amount of space debris destroy the shuttle, and only two members of the crew, Stone and Kowalsky survive. They manage to reach the nearby evacuated ISS thanks to Kowalski's MMU, but only Stone manages to enter the station. Kowalski tells her over the radio to use the second Soyuz module (unusable for landing because its parachute had accidentally deployed) to fly to the Tiangong station and use its Shenzhou module to land. She manages to board the second Soyuz module just as the orbiting space debris arrive again ad destroy the station. But Stone discovers she has run out of fuel, and decides to cut the oxygen and wait for death. She has a hallicination of Kowalski coming back and telling her that she can use the module's soft landing rocket to fly to the Tiangong. Ejecting herself from the module as it approaches the Chinese station at an angle, she uses a fire extinguisher to manoeuvre, reach and enter the station that is slowly entering Earth's atmosphere. The Shengzhou being similar to the Soyouz, she succeeds at landing it as the rest of the station burns.

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Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

The Wolverine

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Prisoner in a camp outside Nagasaki in 1945, Logan saves the life of a Japanese officer from the blast of the atomic bomb. Many years later, Logan has not aged, but the Japanese man, Yashida, is dying and sends his adopted daughter Yukio to bring Logan to him. He offers to transfer Logan's immortality to him so that Logan can finally become mortal again, while Yashida can live forever and protect his industrial empire and his grand-daughter Mariko from the Yakuza who want to kidnap her. Logan refuses, and the next night Yashida dies and his doctor secretly introduces something in Logan's body that will make him much weaker. During Yashidas's funeral, Yakuzas attempt to kidnap Mariko, but Logan saves her, getting hurt and unable to heal as quickly as before. Mariko and Logan hide in Nagasaki in a family house, but she gets kidnapped nonetheless. With Yukio's help, they discover that it is Mariko's father Shingen who kidnapped her, as he cannot accept that Yashida made her his heir. Back at the Yashida home in Tokyo Logan, thanks to Yashida's medical equipment, discovers the device lodged around his heart and extracts it. He then kills Shingen who had tried to kill him and Mariko. Yukio and Logan discover that Mariko is held captive in a factory in the mountains, in Yashida's birth place. There Logan is taken prisoner by ninjas (who have served Yashida's family for generations) and Yashida's doctor, a mutant named Viper, introduces him to the Silver Samurai, an electromechanical suit made of adamantium that will extract Logan's healing factor. Thanks to Yukio, Logan manages to escape, losing his adamantium claws in the process, and discovers that the Silver Samurai is manned by Yashida, who was willing to take Logan's healing power even without his consent. Logan eventually kills Yashida and regrows claws made of bone. Logan then leaves Japan. Two years later he is met by Magneto and Professor Xavier who warn him about a new threat against the mutants.

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Chocolats 33

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Categories: [ Cooking/Chocolats ]

Chocolats Michel, Équateur 62% : doux, vaguement poire

Chocolats Michel, Ghana 62% : doux, un peu sec?

Chocolats Michel, Madagascar 70% : sucre roux

Chocolats Michel, Ghana 70% : doux, noix de coco

Chocolats Michel, Colombie 72% : un peu acide

Chocolats Michel, Sao Tome 72% : un peu pâteux

Chocolats Michel, Vietnam 73% : sec, grillé

Christian/Erithaj/Nana Ding, Vietnam Bén Tre 65% et Yunnan millénaire : frais, fleuri

Jérôme Kuster, Guatemala 73% : pâteux, amer, grillé, café

Jérôme Kuster, Afrique 85% : amer, fleuri, orange?

Bellarom, Finest Dark Chocolate 74% : pâteux, sucré, grillé

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