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Dimanche, 25 novembre 2018

Hiisi Nuutti

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Catégories : [ Bière/Hiisi ]


“Pehmeän polttava, suklaisen kahvinen ja vaniljainen.”

Tuoksuu kahville ja vaniljalle, vähäntulinen. Sisälttää ohramallasta.

Panimoyhtiö Hiisi, Jyväskylä, Suomi. 5.7% alkoholia.

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Jeudi, 15 novembre 2018

Margin Call

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Catégories : [ TV/Cinéma ]



A short time before the subprime crisis, an investment bank notices that their MBS investments are becoming more risky, their volatility having multiple times exceeded the acceptable risk inverval defined by the model. In the course of the night, the CEO comes in, is explained the situation and eventually takes the decision to sell all their MBS assets in the next morning, knowing very well that it will cause a crash in the values of those securities and get the whole financial world to hate them.

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