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Monday, July 22nd, 2024

Brewdog Black Heart

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Roasted, chocolate, coffee flavours. Contains malted barley.

BrewDog Ltd., Ellon, Scotland. 4.1% alcohol

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Categories: [ Books/The Bromeliad ]

ISBN: 9780552546072

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Masklin (along with Angalo and Gurder) are searching for Grandson Richard, as the Thing has told him that it could call their spaceship if it could get aboard the communications satellite Richard is going to launch. The nomes first go to the airport where they quietly board Concorde and fly to Florida. After causing some trouble on the plane, they hide in Richard's luggage and end up in his hotel room. They however have to flee and end up outside where they meet a tribe of Nomes who speak a language close to ancient Nomish. They manage to communicate thanks to the Thing and the local Nomes fly them to the space shuttle's launch site on geese (thanks to which they migrate yearly between Alaska and Florida). Near the shuttle, the Thing uploads itself into the satellite and exhausts in doing so all the power it had stored. After the takeoff, Masklin decides to take it to a human building to let it recharge itself near electrical wires. He is caught (on purpose) by humans but manages to escape with the recharged Thing as the Nomes' spaceship arrives and Angalo and Gurder board it. Masklin then by chance meets Richard, with whom he discusses briefly as the Nome's spaceship, piloted by Angalo, lands again and let him board. They then fly away back to Britain after making a detour through South America where they pick up a Bromeliad flower that Masklin gives to Grimma before taking the Nomes. Gurder decides to stay on Earth to search for other Nome tribes, tell them of their origins and give them the possibility to migrate to a Nome planet the next time the spaceship would visit Earth.

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Saturday, July 20th, 2024


Categories: [ Books/The Bromeliad ]

ISBN: 9780552546072

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The nomes have resettled in a closed quarry. When they discover that the quarry will soon reopen, they wonder what to do, and consider moving to a barn on the other side of the field. Reading a newspaper article about Arnold Bros' grandson who who is traveling to Florida on business about a communication satellite, Masklin decides to leave with a few nomes and find more about the grandson. In the meanwhile winter comes and covers the ground with snow, making it impossible for the younger and elder nomes to travel to the barn. As humans come to reopen the quarry, Grimma has to oppose a rising religious nome who promises that faith in Arnold Bros will solve all their problems; that nome is accidentally killed by humans. The nomes sabotage a truck in an attempt to prevent the humans to enter the quarry, lead by Dorcas who make them steal the battery and diesel fuel, but the truck accidentally rolls onto the railways tracks and causes an accident. More humans come to the quarry, put poisoned bait to eliminate what they believe to be rats. Dorcas and his nomes, who had been lost outside after the accident, is finally found and presents his plan: he has found and repaired a JCB digger in shed, and proposes to use it to take all the nomes to the barn. The drive out among amazed humans, but are chased by the police. The eventually get stuck on the top of a hill, when a spaceship appears above them.

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Tuesday, July 16th, 2024

Chocolats 41

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Categories: [ Cooking/Chocolats ]

Cachet, Costa Rica 71% : un peu amer et astringent, cacaoté.

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Monday, July 15th, 2024

Who P-p-p-plugged Roger Rabbit?

Categories: [ Books/Roger Rabbit ]

Roger hires Eddie to check if his wife indeed cheats on him with Clark Gable, as the tabloids claim. Soon after, Eddie is also hired by Selznick who want him to find a small metal box that had disappeared after a triple interview with Roger, Baby Herman and Enigman for his next film, Gone with the Wind. Eddie first suspects Enigman, but the latter gets killed with Eddie's gun as the detective is interviewing him at his home. Suspected by the police, Eddie's investigation leads him to a shady rum dealer who is later murdered. Eddie is also hired by Clarke who suspects his girlfriend Carol Lombard to cheat on him. Roger is also suspected of murder, but it's his cousin Dodger who is also after the box that framed him, only to be murdered soon after. With Roger and Clark as sidekicks, Eddie discover that the box contains the formula for the Toon Tonic that can transform a toon into a human and vice versa, and Selznick's right hand, Pepper Potts, is the toon behind the murders. Eddie recovers the box from Roger's coverall pocket (where Baby had put it to reduce the competition for Selznick's film). Roger makes some of the Toon Tonic and becomes another human in the crowd. Eddied eventually agrees with Potts to exchange the box against Jessica and her twin sister Joellyn (who is only 6 inches tall) whom Potts had abducted. During the encounter, Eddie gets wounded, Potts gets killed, but the two women are found and saved by the police. Roger decides to become a toon again and gives Eddie the leftover tonic for safekeeping, after having burnt the formula. Selznick then explains Eddie he knows nothing of Potts' dealings and that he had bought the formula from the rum dealer in the hope of making enough money from it that he would be able to produce his film; Eddie suggests he makes the film with human actors and with a serious tone instead. Jessica then explains Roger that she leaked the rumors of her infidelity to the press to make Carol jealous and open to Clark's marriage proposal; the plot succeeds. Jessica and Roger also get triplet children. There is also a side story with Eddie's lost brother Freddy who had disappeared but is actually happily living his life as a toon and Eddie's sister Heddy whom he suspects of being a toon pretending to be a human married to a toon cop.

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Friday, July 12th, 2024

La baie des cochons

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Categories: [ Books/Comics/Spirou ]

ISBN: 9782808501941

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En 1961, Spirou et Fantasio se rendent à New York pour interviewer Castro lors d'un discours à l'ONU. Ils y retrouvent Longplaying à qui ils donnent un GAG amélioré, sans savoir qu'il travaille pour la CIA. Deux agents utilisent Spirou, le prenant pour un groom, pour un attentat contre Castro, et les hommes de ce dernier kidnappent Spirou et l'emmènent à Cuba. Les agents y envoient alors Fantasio, armé du GAG, reprendre contact avec la rébellion pro-USA. À Cuba, Seccotine est en reportage et rencontre Guevara. Lors d'une réception où elle est invitée par ce dernier, elle rencontre Fantasio déguisé en clown. Suite à une altercation causée par le Marsupilami, les deux journalistes s'enfuient et se réfugient dans la forêt, où ils sont faits prisonniers par les rebelles. Après avoir réussi à s'expliquer, Seccotine part de son coté pour tenter de libérer Spirou en prévenant la police que les américains préparent une attaque, mais finit par être mise par Guevara en prison, dans la même cellule que Spirou. De son coté, Fantasio et les rebelles préparent une attaque contre la prison et parviennent à libérer les deux prisonniers. Ils apprennent de Guevara que Castro, qui s'est emparé du GAG, va participer à la défense contre les américains et se cachent dans son avion, faisant échouer son plan et détruisant le GAG.

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Monday, July 8th, 2024


Categories: [ Books/The Bromeliad ]

ISBN: 9780552546072

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A handful of nomes live in a burrow at a rest area along the motorway. Life being very hard, they decide to hop on a lorry and leave, in the hope for a better life. The lorry stops in the garage of the Arnold Bros department store where they meet a community of two thousand nomes who has been living there for generations and mostly refuses to believe there exists an Outside. The newcomers have a black box, transmitted from generation to generation, that starts to speak to them as it comes near electrical wiring; it explains that the nomes have crashed on Earth in a spaceship fifteen thousand years ago and that it is a flight recorder. The nomes had attempted to teach technology to the humans in order to get them to build a space shuttle that could fly them to their mothership, but it failed. When the nomes discover that the store is about to be closed, they plan to escape by stealing a lorry. As the closure happens faster than expected, they have to steal a lorry (thankfully loaded with plenty of useful items) in a hurry and learn to drive (with the help of numerous levers and pulleys) as they escape. They eventually find shelter in a quarry near the airport and contemplate stealing an airplane.

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Friday, July 5th, 2024

L'aigle des Highlands

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Categories: [ Books/Comics/Yoko Tsuno ]

ISBN: 9782808504942

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En Écosse, Bonnie et Émilia obeservent des moines dans un monastère en ruines, mais ces derniers disparaissent. Le lendemain, un moine explique à Yoko que'ils cherchent les traces historique d'un animal satanique qui a habité les lieux au moyen-âge. Cecilia montre alors à Yoko une patte d'aigle en or, trouvée une siècle plus tôt. Plus tard, le moine révèle à Yoko les deux versions de l'histoire de l'aigle, soit tué par les moines, soit enlevé par des démons dans une machine entourée d'une spirale de lumière. Yoko contacte alors Zarkâ qui explique que l'aigle, synthétique, avait été mis en place par les Vinéens pour surveiller les moines 800 ans plus tôt. Zhyttâ vient alors chercher Yoko à la demande de la déesse Brigit. Mais Monya arrive alors avec le translateur temporel, et Yoko décide de plutôt l'accompagner à l'époque de l'aigle 800 ans plus tôt. Elles arrivent juste après l'incendie du monastère et rencontrent Sébastien, un jeune moine qui les explique que les moines sont surveillés par d'autres moines-alchimistes qui fréquentent Lucifer, apparemment un extraterrestre. Les moines confient à Yoko l'aigle qu'ils gardent prisonnier, et elles repartent vers le présent avec l'aigle et Sébastien. À leur retour, elles voient que Khâny est arrivée et repartent avec elle au temple des immortelles pour faire réparer l'aigle par Zhyttâ, qui est partie en avance. Au temple. Yoko présente Sébastien à Brigit, puis rejoint Zarkâ auprès du sarcophage où survit une créature que Zarkâ décrit comme avoir été imposé pour gérer la Terre, et qui a crée Zarkâ. De peur d'être détruite par Yoko, la créature, qui ressemble au Lucifer des moines du passé, les force à fuir.

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Stromboli Reloaded

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Categories: [ Books/Comics/Aquablue ]

ISBN: 9782413043775

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Suite à un accident, Rabah est devenu un légume. Carlo a fait construire un nouveau Stromboli, mais a besoin d'argent pour le payer. Nao et lui sont enlevés par Ragnar le pirate qui a besoin d'un courrier pour échanger de l'or contre des otages. Ragnar travaille avec un scientifique peu scrupuleux qui affirme pouvoir guérir Rabah. Nao accepte, en échange de laisser Ragnar établir une base sur Aquablue. Carlo et Nao récupèrent les otages et parviennent à garder l'or, grâce à une dissension entre deux factions des kidnappeurs, une espèce insectoïde. Rabah est soigné par le scientifique pendant que l'autre faction d'insectoïdes attaquent la base de Ragnar pour reprendre l'or. Une fois les attaqunts repoussés, Rabah se réveille et prend possession de son nouveau Stromboli.

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Le musée noir

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Categories: [ Books/Comics/Les quatre de Baker Street ]

ISBN: 9782749310107

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Patch, le roi des brigands fait enlever Puck par Scabs afin de contraindre Tom à voler, dans le musée privé de Scotland Yard, une lettre écrite par Jack l'éventreur. Lorsqu'il lui livre la lettre, Patch dit à Tom de se débrouiller avec Scabs libérer Puck. Tom s'enfuit grâce à l'aide de son ami le vieux Bailey. Billy et Charlie trouvent la cachette où Scabs a enfermé Puck et le libèrent. Holmes est cependant mécontent que Tom lui ait caché son problème et soit allé voler la lettre. Quand Tom découvre que Patch a fait tuer Bailey, il retourne chez Patch pour se venger. Ce dernier lui propose de tue Scabs, mais Tom refuse. Patch, qui vient de faire enlever Charlie, exige que Tom revienne dans sa bande de voleurs. Tom accepte pour sauver son amie. Charlier demande alors de l'aide à Watson, qui va exiger la libération de Tom. Bones, le tueur dont Patch use pour contrôler les autre brigands par la peur se fait tuer et ces derniers se débarrassent de leur roi. Holmes récupère la lettre chez un ancien policier du Yard qui revend ds relique criminelles à des collectionneurs sans scrupule, mais bannit Tom des Irréguliers pour avoir mis en péril sa réputation professionnelle.

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L'affaire « Crâne »

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Categories: [ Books/Comics/Midi minuit ]

ISBN: 9782302093478

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Sur fond de campagne présidentielle, Belton enquête sur la source d'une drogue frelatée qui tue nombre de ses utilisateurs. Une femme masquée appelée Foudre cherche elle aussi le fournisseur, qui est un criminel masqué appelé Crâne. Josh s'infiltre dans l'organisation de Kenler, un baron de la droguer connu (aussi candidat à l'élection), tandis que Jenna devient danseuse dans le cabaret de Melvik, connu pour diffuser la drogue. Josh est fait prisonnier par Crâne au cours d'une opération de Kenler pour se débarrasser de son rival, et est libéré par Foudre. Cette dernière est capable d'utiliser les miroirs pour se déplacer. Jenna se fait inviter à dîner chez Melvik où elle est attaquée par Crâne et sauvée par Foudre. Plus tard, lorsque Marnie surveille l'appartement de Melvik, elle le voit s'échanger avec Crâne grâce à un miroir et se battre contre Foudre. Crâne est démasqué et arrêté, mais Foudre s'échappe.

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Wednesday, July 3rd, 2024

Forbidden Knowledge

Categories: [ Books/The Gap Cycle ]

ISBN: 9781473225527

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Morn has been rescued by Nick's pirate. The ship's computer expert is killed by Nick for having attempted to rape her just after having boasted that he planted a virus in the ship's computer. Morn, needing to be useful to the ship to avoid being killed, claims she can flush the virus. To bear being raped by Nick, she accidentally sets her zone implant so that she takes pleasure in it, slowly making Nick fall in love with her. Thanks to the device, she also works continuously for days and successfully gets rid of the virus. She also discovers being pregnant (from Angus) but leads Nick to believe he is the father. As a spaceship is no place to rise a child, Nick decides to go to the Amnion outpost and trade some of his blood for getting the baby extracted and artificially grown close to adulthood. As the Amnions cannot create a new mind, the boy, Davies, receives Morn's memories. The Amnions are specialists in genetics and want to mutate humans to turn them into Amnions; until now the process is imperfect and most humans are frightened of them, but as Nick seems to be an agent of UMCP (the mining corporation's all-powerful police) he has access to an anti-mutagenic drug that UMCP has kept a secret. The Amnions notice that Nick has cheated when donating his blood and demand Davies in reparation. As Nick seems willing to agree to that deal, Morn rigs a self-destruct of the ship and threatens to blow up the Amnion's outpost if they don't leave with Davies. The pirate ship manages to leave to a human outpost but an Amnion cruiser blocks their way. Nick has locked Morn in her cabin and has humiliated her as a revenge for manipulating him in multiple ways. He agrees to transfer Davies to the Amnion ship in an escape pod, but Morn manages to escape and change the pod's programming and send it to the human outpost. Nick also sends a secret message to UMCP, who then sends Angus Thermopyle, turned into a cyborg against his will, to capture her.

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